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Business Vocabulary
Bankrupt: the act of being declared legally insolvent, impoverished. Any assets or wealth of the firm or individual is then distributed to creditors. synonym: destitute
Boss: an employer, leader, master or manager
synonym: supervisor
Business Plan:  is a description of the business itself plus mangagement, marketing, financial strategy for creating a new firm.
Collateral:  serving as a guarrantee, or functioning as support
synonym: deposit
to Do List: (2dew list) Just what it says: a written schedule of things to accomplish, usually in the near future. Some like to use post-its and remove them as the task is completed.
Downsizing  to reduce in number; cut back., recently this term has come to mean the triming of employees to make a firm more efficent.
Financing: to provide the money, usually included for this service are fees and interest payments.
synonym: funding
Flextime An agreement by which workers or employees may adjust their schedules, particularly at what time they arrive or leave work.
Foresight: careful consideration of what's to come, knowing where the future lies.
synonym: far-sightedness
"get our feet wet": tentatively try something, not go all out but begin in a very small way.
the opposite is: throw caution to the wind
Highlight: to emphasize or accentuate, a similar synonym: underline
Income: an amout of money or  monetary payments received fairly regularly
synonym:  earnings
Industrial Espionage:  Trying to ferret out or discover economic, trade secrets, practises, etc.  of a company.
Janitor: a building caretaker or someone who tends to the maintence of a building , school, apartment house, etc.
synonym: caretaker
Layoff:  dismissing employees, often temporarily, a time of  forced  inactivity.
synonym: suspension
Leadership: the ability to guide or shepherd a a group or groups of people towards a common goal or vision.
Merger:  The union of two or more commercial interests. The fusion of two or more corporations by the transfer of all property to a single firm. synonym: pool together
Mortgage: to conditionally promise or convey property to a creditor in return for money. To put at risk, claim, or pledge
Notice: 1. observe or perceive. 2. to alert someone, for example "to give notice means that you are to quit or leave your job soon (a period of time)  synonym: warning
Opt out: to make a decision to not to participatein a course of action
synonym: discontinue
Overhaul: completely change, revise, take apart to repair and reassemble.
synonym:: revamp
Outsourcing:  procuring of products, services, expertise etc., for example: getting some of the parts used in manufacturing a airplane, from an outside supplier  in order to reduce costs.
Receptionist :An office worker whose choice responsiblities are in greeting people and answering the telephones.

Shuttle: 1. a device (often wooden) used in weaving to transfer the thread from one side of the loom and back again. 2. Regular travel between two or more points, to go and return. 3. Any vehicle used to go back and forth
Slash: to cut. However in the business world it has come to mean reduce extremely, or curtail severely.
synonym: cutback
Standstill: to be blocked or halted: a deadlock,
synonym: impasse
Start-up: a new business, creating an enterprise from scratch.
"Stay below the radar:" this phrase means be undetectable. In business parlance: Try to avoid notice . Don't brag about new products until they hit the stores.
Stock: a corporation raises capital by selling stocks in the the company this usually intitles the buyers to dividends, voting and property rights. Can also mean material like iron bars used to later manufacture items.
Tax Break: a deduction  or reduction in  taxes granted to encourage other activities in a society like philanthortropic donations or job creation etc.
Turnover: the speed that a product comes in and goes out in a firm or number of laborers engaged by an establishment to replace those who have left    synonym: upheaval
Venture Capitalists:  are investors who make available funds to innovative companies at relatively high risk. They are sort of gambling bankers.
Wherewithal:  financial capital or monetary means
synonym: capability
Wise: profound, to know what is true, having common sense
synonym: shrewd
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