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Teacher's Notes: "Son of Funny Business"

1. A Stress Puppy is someone who complains that he or she is overwrked while constantly seeking more things to do.See addicted to stress.

2. Hassle Rationing is a nefarious company policy of disputing benefits or services, then making the claims or return process so complicated and tiresome that customers won't follow through.

3. Outshored is business jargon for sent knowledge work (coding, accounting, etc) to low labor cost countries like India or China.

4. Hash Busting is used by spammers to generate nonsense strings of words to defeat spam filtering thus making the e-mail seem to be a different message each time.

5. The Adminsphere is the thin air region that begins at upper middle management. The serious lack of oxygen at this level means that solutions agreed upon in this sector are often completely inappropriate or inconsequential to the problems of the company.

6. A Seagull Manager is someone who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves. (also used as a synonym for consultant).

7. Ghost work are half-finished projects left behind by the downsized and outsourced. Survivors are haunted by them.

8. W.O.M.B.A.T. A project that is a Waste Of Money, Brains, and Time. Or it could be webwombat australia's search machine. Let's not forget that they are also a furry animal from Australia.

9. Tunnel Advertising consists of a sequence of illuminated images in the subway, each projecting one picture from a series to animate the publicity while the train is moving.

10. Generation Obese or O is slang for the numerous overweight people especially children in our society.

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Where do I find all these gems? Well, of course there is Wordspy and I listen to CNN and most of all I read Wired Magazine and they have a section called Start which contains the Jagon Watch column. Let me know if there are other ways to be in on the know.

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