Name of Student:  ______________________________________________________


Name(s) of Interviewer:  _________________________________________________

Exit Interview Questions
Written Questions:
How old are you? _________________  Where is home? ______________________

Are you planning to return to your hometown after graduation? __________ If not where would you like to be?

At what point in your college career did you choose your option or  major and why?

Are you a double major or doing a master or other degree at the same time? _____  explain:

Do you plan to apply to graduate or professional school? _______  Where and when?

If yes, have you applied to graduate or professional school? __________  Where? ______________
Have you been accepted/rejected?

Do you have job offers?  _____  Have you accepted a job?  _____  Where?  _________________

If you were make director of this school for one day what one thing would change and why?

Did you feel that you were a member of a community during your stay and why do you feel that way?

Oral questions:
In what field do you want to work, with what type of company, in what capacity, etc?

What did you like the most about you internships? the least?

What course or lesson did you think was the most beneficial here at the school  overall?

Same question but limited to the Language department? least beneficial?

 If you were given the opportunity to redesign the option or major, what changes would you make? 
What courses or modules might you delete and what courses might you add?

What was your most positive experience here? the most negative?

How would you rate how well you have been prepared  for a career?

Looking back over the last couple of  years, how would you describe your emotional and intellectual development?

What skills and savoir faire do you have now that you didn't possess when you first matriculated (started school)?

Did you participate in student actives and organizations? Why or why not?

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

What would you add, subtract, change, or recommend in your language classes?