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Financial Bingo: Find five people in a row who have done these things.  


Bought Stock in an
individual company


Has a savings account Has or had three or more credit cards

Worked under the table

(didn't declare taxes)
Visited a stock exchange


Worked ten or more hours of overtime a week


Took out a loan on a car Gambled money on the horses or the dogs Has a safety deposit Morgaged a house


Seen the interior or been inside of a bank vault.


Has a checking account Has an I.R.A. or put money away for retirement boxPlayed Poker for dimes and quarters. (or even more important sums of money Acted as a feduciary for accounts totaling______
Been the treasurer of a club or organization.


Visited the Charles Swabb
on-line trading site.


Invested in a Mutual Fund Saved enough money to buy a big ticket item. Made money with the internet.
Had your own stand at a flea market Am a memeber of the junoir or regular Chamber of Commerce


Read a financial article or report at Morgan Stanley or Arthur Anderson et al


Sold a car or a equivilently
expensive item to an individual buyer

Frequently use the classified ads to buy or sell things

Remember one question to a student at a time! Go mingle!

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