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1. Nicolas whispered to Christophe: "We're losing the account. Show the Clip the special effects alone will make 'em buy the campaign."

2. We have to hype the luxury angle. Let's try to associate this car with the jet set.

3. Famroy thinks we should reconsider avertising in Wired Magazine.He feels that their circulation is dropping.

4. "Put an announce in the want ads." said Claire. "If we don't find a copywriter soon, I'll be doing the writing!" Everyone in the room groaned.

5. "Do you think that Perrier is willing to foot the bill for product placement in another Bond flic?" asked Delphine.

6. Usually I like the music in Rehana's commercials, but I find her latest jingle to be really irritating!" " I think that's the idea." replied Julien.

7. "The Chanel campaign is really hot!" exclaimed Gwen. " There is a lot of buzz on the streets about the new perfume.

8. Is IBM's long time one word motto: "THINK!" still relevant in today's world? How does it help or hinder the corporate culture?

9. "The Black and Decker account is complaining. We've got to drum up some business." yelled Pierre from the back room. "Why don't we plug their tools with radio spots at sporting events? That always works well." he concluded.

10. As a slogan in what sense does Coca Cola's "Things go better with Coke!" function. In other words does it work for you and why?

Remember a slogan is used to sell something a motto is words to live by.

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