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Draw an offbeat product or a serious one on a piece of paper. If you are stuck for ideas here are a few
to get you started:
Pet Drinks or Pet flavored water . Vitamins, nutrients, specially adapted to your dog or cat. Remember they need to drink too!
Bad Breath or Halitosis detector . measure how awful your breath is after an all night party. This incredibly accurate device is...
Charcoal is the next wonder drug. It can clean and filter just about  anything. Charcoal toothpaste or stomach soother? go with it.
Chewing Gum with heath food ingredients or : Rinsing,vitamins. Examples Ginseng coffee for cafine. Gucaffeine's really...
The instant hot coffee can: simply pull on the tab and a chemical reaction to the air heats your coffee. Great for...
Design a mini bar inside an innocent looking object  for travel in Muslem Fundamentalist countries.
Toilet Paper impregnated with moisturizer creme.
So delicate, so...
Yes end rough....
Come up with a snappy product name.
Need to save time?
How about a liquid lunch? Example: cheeseburger and fries. Who's your target ?
The fully enclosed cigarette filtering device. Let's you smoke but protects everyone else from the dangers of second hand smoke.
Use Mint Leaves as a deodorant. It's easy crush the leaves and hold them under your armpits or place them in your underwear for that ...
Sleep Alarm Earrings
Driving home from a long night or afraid of snoring in English Class, this invention uses  fuzzy logic to tell when...
Body Dye
why tattoo when you can change your entire skin color?
Lasts for...
Pack your own blood bag already mixed with anti coagulants. Stockpile your own blood supply just in case...
Body padding, for where you are just not large enough. I leave this one to your imagination.
Turkish Toilet Adapter. (Portable) Why squat when you can sit comfortably with this...
Make up a new beer and brand. Who is it for? Where's it come from?
Go get that beer drinking slogan!

Panty Day(Girl Power)
Like Valentines day and Mother's day a special day for those who wear panties & pantyhose.
Innovate! Slogan and niche products!

Inflatable Restaurant
Sets up anywhere. Good for those culinary chefs seeking to avoid bill collectors.
No need to buy the land for spectacular views.
and it floats.

Eco toothpaste and mouthwash. Impregnated with helpful microbes.
Cleaner breathe and no tooth decay the bio way
A healthy ecosystem in your mouth!
The games you loved
The applications you understand how to use. Nothing newer than four years old! and dirt cheap too!(

Are you losing your hair?
Genetic Hair Replacement Tonic
reverse hair loss the DNA way! Scientifically
Proven Method
For getting crucial appointments?
Perhaps Memory Organizer is the answer.
USB port for your head included free!
Video or Computer Baby. When you're too young or haven't the time or the money.
Replace the need in your heart with a virtual child
Create an honest cigarette brand. Choose a mortal name and illustrate the box with symbols of death and make a $ million $.
The Kleenex hat
smart and dependable
never need a tissue again
stop searching for a handkerchief just reach up and have one at your fingertips
The GI Joe/ Action Man portable cellphone.
big buttons, camouflaged, GPS equipped, infrared scope included...

Once you have drawn your ad product plan a magazine campaign around it. What type of marketing could be centered around it. Make sure that you have a brand name! You may have to look up some words or check out some magazine ads to give you some ideas. When you are finished meet in groups of four and compare which would merit a group effort to make a 40 second television spot. (You don't have to choose only one but each ad you create will be more work.)
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