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Advertising Vocabulary


Product Placement : noun paying a movie or tv show to prominently display a company's product during the film or show.

Circulation: noun the number of readers or suscribers to a magazine or newpaper.

Jingle: noun. catchy tune usually rhyming, simple, and repetitious used to promote a product.

Slogan: noun a phrase identified with a firm. A motto used in selling an enterprise or company.

Motto: noun a guide to ones conduct. a sentence that servers as a principle or ideal.

Roadside Signs: noun also called outdoor advertising. any of the large panels usually found alongside roads and highways used as gigantic advertising posters.

Hype: noun overwhelming publicity or exgerated claims v. to promote or accent excessively.

To write copy: verb to create the words to be printed or spoken in an commercial or ad

Drum up: verb. to summon or procure (as if by beating a drum) obtain by repetitious and persistent effort.

Gloss: noun shiny, not substantial.

Gloss over: verb to cover up a mistake by speaking rapidly so as not to deal with the issue correctly

Plug: verb to promote avocate or popularize.

Radio or TV spot : noun the position of a commercial in a radio program or TV line up.

Account noun. in advertising account is synonymous with client or contract

Announce: noun an ad that make public via the purchase of some lines in a newspaper or magazine an offer or information.

Want ad: noun. job offer also the classifieds

Commercial: noun an advertisement on TV or radio

Buzz: noun excited talk or rumors. speaking rapidly in a low voice

This page is designed to be used in conjunction with the advertising vocabulary quiz. & Teacher's Notes


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