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Welcome to the BE orBusiness Emporium

Here you will find a collection of business: vocabulary quizzes, tests, eccentric and hopefully amusing ESL Business lessons as well as some tools to help you teach or master that darling of International Schools of Commerce: the T.O.E.I.C ( Test Of English in International Communication) If you are looking for something fun yet informative for tomorrow's class, homework or tutorial in Business English: you have come to the right place.




"When I write an advertisement, I don't want you to tell me that you find it 'creative'. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product."
--David Ogilvy

The Ad Campaign: Explore the world of advertising English and deal with the changes of the massage as your students change media. Draw an offbeat product or a serious one on a piece of paper. If you are stuck for ideas here are a few to get you started:

Truth in Advertising We are surrounded by publicity. It is time to take a good look at this industry and spoof it!

Advertising Vocabulary a collection of words and definitions associated with the Advertising Industry.

Advertising Vocabulary Quiz :circulation,clip, buzz, plug, product placement,jingle,announce,motto,slogan,hype
Teacher's Notes



"It is no longer enough to satisfy customers. You must delight them."
--Philip Kotler

Identifying the Firm's State:This is an exercise in marketing for business students to help them identify the types of marketing needs. and explores ways to deal with those demands. Teacher's Notes

The Anti-Gravity Vehicule ... An entire marketing strategy must be outlined, from industry use to customer demand. Don't forget a sales presentation and ad campaign should be plotted as well.


Management Creativity and Innovation

"Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them."
--W. Edwards Deming

Management Qualities: Business terms covered: overhaul, foresight, get your feet wet, throw caution to the wind, leadership,highlight,
to do list, slash, turnover, wise,opt out, timing,

Teacher's Notes

Management of the Absurd
a true false quiz based on Richard's Farson's book of the same name. teacher's notes

Project Management Vocabulary Teamwork and collaboration dot the business and academic worlds. Take a look at what is happening there. Teachers Notes

 How Organizations Can Foster Creativity and Innovation
Teacher's notes

Innovation for Dummies and answer key Make sure you read the explainations in the key!


The TOEIC Game Enough studying how about some fun.
TOEIC Nuances: listen to computerized voices in this interactive TOEIC quiz. American/Canadian, British and Australian voices are imitated!
The Fake TOEICneither endorsed nor approved by anyone!Ten Pictures Ten Questions

Pictures move, pages speak inThe Magical TOEIC
Test Of Enchantment, Incantation, & Charms

Reading :
questions  101-110 Teacher's notes
questions  111-120 Teacher's notes
questions 121-130
Teacher's notes
questions 131-140 Teacher's notes
questions 141-150 Teacher's notes
questions 151-160 Teacher's notes
questions 161-170 Teacher's notes
questions 171-180 Teacher's notes
questions 181-190
questions 191-200
Thess are fairly good copies of a typical TOEIC test. However,
it has been plunked down in the world of fantasy particularly that of Harry Potter.

A lot of people ask: "How long does it take to improve my score?" This site seems to answer that question.

Competitive Intelligence

"The fewer data needed, the better the information. And an overload of information, that is, anything much beyond what is truly needed, leads to information blackout. It does not enrich, but impoverishes."
--Peter F.Drucker

The Business Secret: a vocabulary quiz that just might illustrate some of the principles of Business or Strategic Intelligence

Comparative Web Presentations This exercise illustrates the  importance of being able to gather marketing information from internet sources provided by the companies themselves.
A helpful tool is the comparitive web cards. It is a collection of logos from rival companies. Comparing these firms in the same industries only helps to illustrate their differences. Students in this exercise must make a short briefing to the class on their findings.


Financial Bingo
Print the grid. Give one to each student and ask them to question the others in the room to see if they have done any of these financial tasks. Tell them to write the name of the student in the corresponding box. When one of your students has five names in a row: Bingo.

Then form a circle and those who have a savings account step in the middle then out.Do the same for the other catagories and you will have any idea of what your whole class has done.

How to get around R&D bugetary restraints: Just use Scientific English!


"A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things as in a vision, a dream of the whole thing."
--Charles M Schwab

Risk takers by definition often fail, so too morons. In practice it is hard to tell the difference.
-- Scott Adams

Specialized Business Vocabulary

Insurance Vocabulary: Advance Insurance Terms: Accountant, Actuary, Claims adjuster,
Underwriter, Training manager,Premiums, Interest, Dividend, Loan,, Deductable, underwriting, mutual, worker's compensation. Answer Key


CVs, Résumés, Bios,Cover letters, Job and Exit Interviews

The Exit Interview: Big companies do it. Large Universities do it. Why not you? These are a series of questions for my school and I try to ask the questions after the marks are in and only in their final year.

Business & Information Technology

Brooks' Law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.

The Yin and Yang of Emerging Technologies Weighing the pros and cons of open source and inhouse software verses Commercial applications.

Choosing the Right System: An interview with WPI's Pennie Sue. An oral comprehension exercise.

If you are smart enough to know that you're not smart enough to be an Engineer, then you're in Business.

IT Jargon Vocabulary:
These exercises do not explain or define terms like LAN, bytes, or DVDs but do reflect the inventiveness of the Geek culture and their love of creating new and quirky words.

Business By Design
Business Schools often seem to ignore the vast impact design has on the comericial arena. Here are (or will be) some exercises to rectify this ommission.

Business Terms: Design Notes
Concepts covered: backfire, durability, planned obsolescence, outmoded, user friendly, shortcomings, cumbersome, foresee, compatable, functionality
Teacher's Notes for Design Notes plus related disscusion topics.

Thinking Outside of the Box
Here are a few ideas on unconventional, some might even infer as lazy ways to get your students to learn English and business terms (without you doing a lot of work)

Sign up for a Dilbert comic to be e-mailed to you or your students every day : Dilbert.Com

How about e-mail lessons? Pearson Brown on his site:
Better English Exercises offers a free lesson that is quite good.
Your students might also check out the business exercises there.

And Your Own E-mail Lessons?
If you have an account with you also have a calender. (Many newsgroups offer this as well.) The calenders come with an e-mail reminder. Simply include in the reminder the address of the online exercise that you want them to take.
you can program a quiz a week for the entire semester if you have a list of your students e-mails. (Okay contact me and I'll walk you through it)

Globalization and Dealing with Multiculturalism in the Workspace

"The Japanese eat very little fat and they have a low rate if heart disease, unlike the British and Americans
The French have a lot of fatty foods like fois gras and patés in their diet and they too have a lower incidence cardiac problems and strokes. The Italians love to drink red wine and they too fair better than the inhabitants of the UK and the USA. The inescapable conclusion is it is not what you eat but the English language that is dangerous to your health!"

Conversation Cards
Get a whole series of different converations going around in the classroom!

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.
--General George S. Patton

Twenty First Century Design Topics
Print this page. Then either give out the page as pairwork or cut these questions out and distribute them like cards to
small groups to discuss. At the end of the exercise it is a good idea to summarizes what the groups have determined

General or Recent Business Vocabulary

"Being ahead of the curve is no fun if you are the only one there."
Chris Yukna

Business Vocabulary Glossary

Banking Vocabulary Quiz: teller, cashier overdrawn, loan, loan officer,deposit, income, debt, borrow, backdate, fee, fees, clear and  Answer Key

Words Often Used in Obtaining an Auto Loan form, loan, deal, invoice, deposit, lease, bounce, fund, make, title

Biz Buzzwords; outsourcing, downsizing, janitor, boss, flextime, askew, standstill, tax break, income, shuttle, layoff, boss.

Funny Business current ironic idioms, see how Business English is evolving.

Son of Funny Business Teacher's Notes more from the employment front line.

Business Role Playing Training Sessions

"There's no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting"

--David Letterman

Fractured Fairy SketchesChose a subject or create one of your own and write a short skit that illustrates one of these situations. Then memorize or improvise the play and perform it for the class! Business with a twist.
Teacher's Notes

Krease: help an extaterestrial understand the rigors of job interviewing

Impossible Improv Pairs: crazy situations for your students to work themselves out of . Loosely based on the vocabulary from the TOEIC test, believe it or not.

Even More Impossible Improv Pairs

Case Studies
The Quadro:
The FAQ page for the Quadro
The Friends of Europe's Page
Allied Industries Page
The Judge's Page
GO HERE for the secret.

Bullfinch Trucking seperate your students into small groups and have them prepare a presentation on a robotic truck or river boat. After they sing the praises of their business plan it is time to have a debate on whether or not to replace truck drivers with automation. Is it even possible?

Team Building Exercises
Group Communication is an essential business skill.

"The I.Q. of a mob always sinks to the lowest common denominator. The intelligence of a team that communicates well rises to its apex."
Chris Yukna

Teaching Principles or the Philosophy of
the Business Emporium

"It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be...This, in turn, means that our statesmen, our businessmen, our everyman must take on a science fictional way of thinking."
--Isaac Asimov

Multi-tasking in the Classroom

Business Reading Exercises:

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to read"
Groucho Marx

Other places to visit in your quest: Helpful ESL Links

The Business Emporium Mission Statement:
This site is devoted to ESL Business English (at intermediate and advanced levels) and Business Principles taught creatively and professionally.
There's just so much lingo, buzzwords, and fads in the the business world that it almost seems a language all to itself. I hope to create exercises with a touch of humor (so much so that I toyed with the idea of calling the site Funny business). Seriously though, there is quite a lot of business concepts embedded in the lessons and quizzes that Business Emporium may be of interest to native English speakers as well.


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