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1.  How can we highlight our recently gained production know-how with our clientele without alerting our competetors?

2. Company shipping and procurement needs to be overhauled . In some areas stock is non-existant, things are dispatched to the wrong address or worse they've arrived and no one knows for weeks!

3.  Xavier fumed helplessly, stranded in his broken down Porche and mentally put charging his cell phone on his to do list.

4. Julien, you've slashed production costs by a whopping 25% and I still have all my assembly workers, how did you do it?

5.  It took every scrap of Isabelle's (Our new C.E.O.) leadership to get the board to vote unanimously for the merger.

6. For our investment club project,wouldn't it be wise to get our feet wet by using a fantasy or simulation stock market website or should we throw caution to the wind and play the N.Y.S.E. for real?

7. What's this problem with turnover, can't Rennie keep an employee for more than two weeks?

8. Timing is so important to the introduction of a new product: too soon and we're not prepared and we might not be able to meet demand, too late and we run the risk of a competitor launching a similar service or copycat device.

9. Without a great deal of foresight Sylvain would have never changed the focus of an already successful advertising campaign and thus would NOT have captured a 20% increase in market share.

10. Olivier thinks that we should opt out of the acquisition of Mondon Ltd. What's your read on this?