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1. This course revolves around group projects.

D. is centered on

2. Motivating everyone to pitch in is often tedious.

A. contribute

3.Should someone be the overall supevisor or

E. general

4. could you adopt a sort of sideways hierarchy?

C. horizontal

5. Frequently you have quite a few indivuals involved in one job so the decomposition of the project.

B. breakdown

6. into doable tasks is one of your main priorities.

C. feasable

7. Who is going to parcel out that piecework and to whom?

A. distribute

8. Must status reports be generated and if so how to insure that they will be read by the team?.

B. progress

9. That would certainly help to make your final presentations seamless.

E. harmonious and smooth

10. This is almost always a difficult first time undertaking for the majority of students and employees, good luck.

D. assignment