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                      Marketing: Identify Your Job, Teacher's Notes:

This is a nice exercise to do outside on the grass if the weather permits. Sitting around in the sunlight markedly changes the nature of the classroom. Sometimes for serious or indepth discussions a roundtable format is essential.
In that case each student should have a sheet with all the NEEDS listed and the can circle their choice or write their selection on a piece of paper and place it in front of them. The reason to use nonverbal means of communicating is that it forces everyone in the group to make up his or her mind up and choose. If you simply ask the group only one person will respond, this way everyone has to think.

There is a lot of subjects to choose from and once you have illustrated the concepts it can be very helpful to return to change the exercise into small group or pair work discussions, giving each pair a different topic to work on.
(this is call multitasking in the classroom.) after the individual group discussions have wound down  gather everyone together to discussion the exercise and what they learned is ususally productive.

many of you are not marketing teachers I though I'd give you a list of suggestions if your students are brain blocked.

Some typical actions to take when faced with these cases:

Wholesome or Ethical :
Allying or mining memberlists of similar minded organizations or causes,
forming action groups or clubs, identifying the essence of the products altruism and insuring that that face is well presented to the public.
Rejected or Unwanted :
figure out why the maketplace finds it unappealing;  presenting products in a new light, highlighting hidden advantages
Overcrowded : setting up roadblocks to use like reducing access or parking to cars in cities to alleviate traffic. Encourage car pooling; Public awareness campaigns, etc.
Abundant : maintain this demand without being static, strengthen brand, check out competition,
pay close attention to customers, etc
Unhealthy or Immoral :
dissuade use: frightening ads, hike up charges, reduce distribution etc.
No Interest or No Need: find your target market and attach the products benefits to the clients personal interests. Establish a cause or reason to buy or use.
Dwindling Demand:
seek out ways to stimulate intrest, try need media channels, increase customer use,
seek out creative and innovative solutions. Broaden base or include other niche markets.
Seasonal or Peak : promote downtime use, insentives and discounts at off peak hours. Outsource help at high use periods.
Unrecognized or Unfulfilled: calculate the size of the market and if the prospects look good develop the products or assemble the service. Often it is as simple as importing the commodity from overseas.

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