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                                FRACTURED FAIRY SKETCHES Teacher's Notes

Ask the audience what they would do if the had to direct these sketches
Actors and Actresses need feedback to better their craft. Telling them where they were good and bad has
equal merit if your are trying to be constructive. However, they are only human. Inform the students that in history the greater
the idea the more it was considered ridiculous! I'm sure you can give examples. Try as well to turn this exercise which is little like
brainstorming into one of observation. Better than recieving a "A" knowing that someone noticed how they sighed, that little gesture,
or the quiver in their voice is a far greater motivator for exploring and learning. Show interest in all phases of the performance,
you'll surprised at how well the students will receive you.

Your can include in the questioning the actors and acteress themselves as well, but  after
the other students have replied. Afterall they should have learned something from the experience.
I usually tell my students that every comment, even criticisms, will increase the group's mark.
Of course if the audience has nothing to say: then the actors didn't effect them and deserve a zero, right?
Normally that starts the ball rolling.

You may want to use C.A.S.T to help your students to express themselves:

What would you :

Change? What things could be improved? How?
Add? Come on share your ideas!
Subtract? What didn't work for you? What did you dislike? Explain!
Treasure? What did you like and why?

And... I can't emphasize this enough accent the negative aspects as well as the positive and treat them the same. They are both the
keys to successful learning.

Some discussion questions for later after you have finish CASTing the performances:

1. Why don't Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty have normal names,

2. Can you think of other fairy tale women who lack Christian names?

3. Why are their names so linked with their physical appearence?

4. Today in our liberated era, for a girl to succeed does she still have to look good? Do you think this has anything to
do with the "Glass Ceiling"?

5. Granted pedophilia is a crime, yet recently there have be some draconian mesures implemented; in some countries
you can be incarcerated for going to a website. Some teachers have said that they are afraid to give a pat on the back
 to their students because this gesture could be misinterpreted. Should children never be touched?
Where should the blance lie?

6. Some people eat Kosher,only fish on Friday, or refuse to eat cows, etc. Do you think religious
dietary restrictions still have a place in the twentyfirst century? Is this cultural diversity worth preserving
or is this simple narrow mindedness?

7. Is height a problem for men in our modern times? Does height matter to girls?

8. America has more lawyers than any other country.(maybe more prisons too) Many changes have occured because of
damage awarded by juries. To sue or not to sue would be an American Hamlet's refrain. What do you think of social change
by way of jurisprudence?

9. Some ecological NGOs act more like a religions then scientific organizations. Treating nature like a godess to be worshiped
and ignoring  how ecologies really work. They seem to save a couple of trees while ignoring automobile and industrial pollution.
How do you feel about Ecology? What should we be doing with our planet?

10. Date rape, sexual harrassment,boy the world has changed since the 1950s. Do girls really mean yes when they say no?
 Discuss the state of romance nowadays.

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