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"If you want intelligent childern: tell them fairy tales,
if you want really intelligent children tell them lots of fairy tales."
Albert Einstien

Chose a subject or create one of your own and write a short skit that illustrates one of these
situations. Then memorize or improvise the play and perform it for the class!
Remember, you will have to set the stage: make the premise clear to the spectators since they
did not read your instructions.

Press Secretary Prep:
Dealing With The Media

The Three Bears recount their harrowing experience on "The Night of the Intruder" in an exclusive interview with My TV Guide! How did Mama Bear feel when she realized someone had violated the sanctuary of her kitchen? After all that is said and done, does Papa Bear worry about future burglars? Why does Baby Bear still have nightmares after all these weeks? Who was this blue eyed, blond haired invader?
Should we be concerned about a reinsurgence of Neo Nazis?
Was she a member of a gang? What are the police doing about this incident?
Are young women becoming more delinquent in today's society?
 Don't miss our show, tonight at 9

Conference Call:
All the "BIG" deals are formalized on the sidelines

The First Meeting of S.M.A.L.L.
(Short Men Adapted for Lasting Love)

Topics will include:
"How to Slay Your Goliath" by David
"Rising in the world of Business" by Thomas Thumb "A Hobbit's Philosophy" by Bilbo Baggins "Creating That Unique Romantic Relationship" by the Seven Dwarves
Take in some workshops like: Drive a car via a periscope. or How to get clothes that fit?
Special female guests will include Thumbalina & Tinkerbell for the women's point of view.
Where will the skit take place? Where can they all be together to discuss and interact;
a roundtable discussion, a kickoff breakfest, etc.? How will you portray these people?

Business Travel

Let's here it for multi-culturalism!

The Three Little Pigs want to live in a Muslim country!
What kinds of problems do they have now? How did they come up with this idea?
Do they have money?
How will they choose their destination?
Where will they make their travel plans?
Will they need visas? Veterinary inspections?
Do you feel a little piggy? Go whole hog: it's an actor's challenge!

"Human" Relations
The problems one must face,
in the workingplace.

Ogre seeks help from Cannibal's Anonymous!
He or she is gainfully employed but company rules invade his private life. How will he find this C.A.?
Has he really decided to change? Any other reasons to change? What are his motivations?
Who or what are the other members of Cannibals Anonymous? Is there a instructor?
What methods does C.A. use to change this behavior? Refreshments served? Will missionaries be invited to test the waters?

Office Sex

It's not easy being BAD.

The Big Bad Wolf goes to see a psychiatrist to work out his relationship with Little Red Riding Hood!
What are his reservations, difficulties, etc.
Is he ill at ease with the possiblity that his conduct might be construded as an unhealthy intrest in children? Why is he attracted to young girls dressed in red? Is he How does Little Red Riding Hood feel about this?
Why doesn't she have a real name?
Where does the Doctor stand: Freudian, Men's Liberation, Feminist, etc?
Does the doctor have a receptionist?
a waiting room?
A Wolf in sheep's clothing is a wear-wool-f.

Classic Job Interview

Ace that job interview and keep the wolf from the door!

Wolf: single, intelligent, eloquent seeks position as spokesanimal/poster mammal for a wildlife organization.
List some wildlife organizations; WWF, Greenpeace, Sierra Club etc.
What is each of them concerned with?
How would that affect his/her job internview?
Does the wolf have some private issues to address; stopping woodcutters from decapitating wolves or goats from opening their stomachs and stuffing them with stones?
How will the interviewer react? Is there some events today that might be included?

The IRS men cometh.

Audits sure can be taxing!

Aladin Under investigation by both the IRS and the Food and Drug Administration.
All three parties agree to air their differences
on "Tough Talk" tomorrow a 3pm.
How can a young man of the streets accumulate a fortune having never worked a day in his life? The US government wants to know! Who is the guy with Aladin wearing the blue makeup? What does Aladin own?
What excuses or explanations can he give?

Mars and Venus in a courtroom.

Sexual harrassment: don't look, don't touch.

Sleeping Beauty Sues Prince Charming
This girl has been asleep for at least a hundred years, what changes in traditions,
manners, comportments have come to pass in a century? Sleeping Beauty was kissed by her prince... will she sue him for breach of marriage contract? Or is the prince to be charged with sexual harrasment? Is there wealth involved, I mean we are talking princes and princesses? Where and in what state are the kingdoms? Who will be the lawyers for the case?

Have fun! Oh, if you are stuck for famous cannibals, there's always Hannibal from "The Silence
of the Lambs", Dracula might be seeking help after all his is a similar problem. A giant female
Praying Mantis might be lamenting how hard it is to keep a good mate. What about the classic
image of a Cannibal with a bone through his nose and who speaks no known language.

Be sure to clap! Applause is manditory after each group's performance.
Remember it will be your turn soon enough.



You know sometimes it helps to check out outside sources. When I want to be truly terrible to my students I consult:

Have you? Be careful this site is know to cause Quip Lash.

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