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Nuances of the TOEIC

This page illustrates, using the Nuance Vocalizer Demo some of the more common questions in the oral section of the TOEIC. What is really amazing is the emotional shadings and accents that were added to this exercise by a computer reading text. The computer simulated the voices of Laurie Woods, Reed Johnston, Claire Kingston, Tim Cooper, Sarah Brown, and Josh Donelly.

Listen to the two speakers and then choose the best response. If you would like to see the text: hold the cursor over the info image.see the text  

1.  265 main st. boy it looks completely different. Wasn't there a camera shop here?
I know I left some film at this address to be developed     Oh, you want South Main street, the numbers start again
when you cross center st. I know the store you want. It is one block down from the new drugstore    

What will the first speaker do next?
A. Take a picture
B. Look for the boy at the pharmacy
C. Go to a different part of the city
D. Fill out a perscription

2.  The diner accross the way, what's it like?     It's homestyle, a little greasy... way too much on the plate, but you can't beat the prices    
What did the second speaker like about the restaurant?

A. The food's cheap
B. The quantity
C. The quality
D. The fact that the food's fatty

3. Did you check out the latest Harry Potter movie?     I slept through the last one     Really I've read all the books and bought the dvd!    
  What is the second speaker speaker likely to do?

A. Take a nap
B. Take a raincheck on going to see the new film.
C. Buy the DVD
D. Go to the cinema with the first speaker.

4.  If you move all the PCs we are going to have to rewire this entire floor     Are you sure? I kind of doubt it. Let's go talk to the IT department first.    
What was the second speakers solution?
A. Rewax the whole floor
B. Create a new department
C. Install Madame Doubtfire
D. Get in touch with the computer people

5.  Why didn't you come to the TOEIC prep class?     Gee, wasn't it canceled?     No, yesterday the professor was sick not today!    

 What are they talking about?
A. a classmate who is ill
B. a crazy professor
C. the best way to prepare
D.  missing a class

6. Sir, your drivers license and registration     Excuse me officer, what's this all about?     You got pulled over because this is a 25 mph zone and you were doing at least 40   
Why has the man been stopped?
A. he was speeding
B. he pulled up too slowly
C. his registration is no longer valid
D. he is over forty

7. Can you tell me if this jacket is on sale?     Only those with a red tag are marked down    
What does the last person say about the coat?
A. it's not expensive
B. it's not the right size
C. it's red
D. it's not discounted

8. The Art group sure has been doing a lot of overtime     You got that right they're really burning the midnight oil.    
What has been happening recently?
A. They've discovered that there is money in oil painting
B. The recent lighting bill was expensive.
C. The graphic department has been working long hours
D. The clocks have been malfunctioning

9. We thought maybe you'd like to come with us for lunch?     Sorry, I'd love to. Can't, got a previous engagement    
The second speaker said:
A. that he has got to be engaged first
B. that he already ate
C. that he is in love
D. that he has other plans

10. Hey, do you think we can get any special deals because we're in school?     I hear Best Purchase has a ten percent discount for anyone at the university but only if you shop on Tuesday    
What is the main topic of this conversation?
A. finding reduced rates
B. dealing at the university
C. scholastic work
D. what happened Tuesday

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