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Magical TOEIC:

Test Of Enchantments, Incantations, & Charms

Reading: 101-110

  Mr. Ollivander: "I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you."
Choose the best answer (remember these are in magical contexts):

101.  The ignorance of Hogwarts in the muggle world is expected to continue ______________. 
A. indefinitely
B. quickly
C. declining
D. throughout

102. If Aurelie had known in advance that Voldemort wanted to ruin the Gala surely she __________ Dumbledore to make an
appearance that night.
A. could have ask
B. would have asked
C. has asked
D. would have asking

103.  It goes without _____________ that Draco Malfoy is not the nicest of young men.
A. deleting
B. telling
C. saying
D. explaining

104. The wizards discussed at length the difficulties of this arcane incantation without ever doing ____________.

A. squat
B. anything
C. nothing
D. everything

105.  Most of our time at Beauxbaton Academy we spent ________ cooking spells.

A. to learn
B. at memorize
C. of studied
D. on learning

106.  Tiphane's tutor in conjuring advised her to ______ some time in meditation if she wants to really improve.
A. invested
B. investing
C. investment
D. invest

107. The use of Floo Powder is having an __________ effect on the stability of chimneys
A. adverse
B. adversed
C. adversely
D. adverseness

108. "Class is ______ over," said Professor Snape, "Unless, Hermione, our little Miss smarty pants has
some MORE questions."
A. much
B. now and then
C. more or  less
D. from to

109. Neville ____________ examined by Nurse Pomfrey and she confirmed Madam Hooch's assessment of a broken wrist.
A. have been
B. has
C. was
D. were

110. Because of Ron's ____________ interest in schoolwork, he is in danger of flunking Potions and Divination.
A. diminishment
B. diminishing
C. diminish
D. diminishable



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This quiz is just a sample of the Test Of Enchantments, Incantations, & Charms.
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