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Devil's Snare TOEIC:
Test of Enchantment Incantation & Charms
: 111-120 

  Hermione: "I've read about these! It's the devil's snare! You have to relax if you don't it'll only kill you faster!"
  Ron: "Kill us faster? Oh, now I can relax!"
Choose the finest answer :

111. The Hogwarts Express is not responsible for any damage or bewitchment ______________ its control. 
A. between
B. without
C. from
D. beyond

112. Using the telephone is very __________ for Mr Weasley, he almost always screws something up.
A. disconcerted
B. disconcerting
C. disconcerts
D. disconcertingly

113.  A free carrying case will be furnished with every purchase of a magic wand at Ollivanders for a _____________ period of time..
A. limiting
B. limits
C. limited
D. limit

114. Please ____________ this week's homework to Professor McGonagall before tomorrow afternoon..

A. emit
B. back
C. submit
D. alter

115.  For the last two months the Hufflepuff Quidditch crew has worked particularly well on all phases of team _____________..

A. developed
B. development
C. develop
D. developer
116.  Hermione believes that the spellbook always gives the conclusive answer, however clever wizards will fashion ______ own innovative remedies.
A. theirs
B. they
C. their
D. them

117. Halloween is a special event at Hogwarts and as you know it always falls on the last day ______ October.
A. to
B. at
C. on
D. of

118. "Remember to read the chapter on the problems of regarding the Mirror of Erised_______, there will be a quiz on it." said Professor Quirrell.
A. thoroughly
B. throughout
C. more thorough
D. thoroughness

119. From a young wizard's viewpoint getting ____________ advice is the key to enchanting advancement.
A. sound
B. overeager
C. insentient
D. unbiased

120. Dumbledore approached the concept with a great deal of _____________ since Hagrid's proposal was to say the least eccentric.
A. trepidation
B. diminishing
C. prudently
D. careful forethought



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