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hugo and Tatania
Test Of Enchantments, Incantations,
and Charms

Troll Speak

Questions 131-140
hugo and Tatania

"Anyone can speak Troll. All you have to do is point and grunt.."
-- Fred Weasley

Choose the most appropriate answer (remember hocus pocus and witchery are allowed):

131.   The Tri wizard Cup is not just awarded to ____________________.
A. nobody
B. no one
C. somebody
D. anyone

132. Things at Hogwarts have gone _______________ since Dumbledore was removed as headmaster.
A. badly
B. stiffly
D. slightly

133.  Hagrid couldn't discribe the face of man he ___________ the night he won Norbert at cards.
A. seen
B. sees
C. had seen
D. will see

134. Professor Sprout told Seamus that it __________ be possible to reserve seats for the Quidditch World Cup if he acted quickly.
A. much
B. ought
C. perhaps
D. might

135.  All visiting rights to the village of Hogsmeade were __________ when it was learned that Sirus Black was in the neighborhood..
A. resinded
B. closed out
C. cut off
D. turned off
136.  "Harry, since you're fluent in that snakey language Parseltongue you _______ find work as a translator at a Boa Constrictor or Colbra trade show." kidded Ron.
A. would
B. could
C. likely
D. if

137. "Hogwarts ought to at least discourage the _______________ of muggles". lamented Draco.
A. enroll
B. enrollment
C. registered
D. registers

138. The soggy sausages in Harry's backpack were enticing Fang ______ follow Harry wherever he went.
A. at
B. on
C. to
D. in

139. Students are always told to completely read all of the instructions (especially the warnings!) _________ attempting any charms or bewitchments.
A. forewards
B. prematurely
C. before
D. soon

140. Mr.Lucius Malfoy forced the other members of the committee to _________ his point of view.
A. look
B. share
C. think
D. reckon




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