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Pointy Hat Toeic

"I bet you'll think twice about breaking a school rule again,
won't you, eh?
Oh yes...hard work and pain are the best teachers, if you ask me..."
-- Argus Filch
Determine the underlined section that needs to be corrected. (Please no invoking supernatural aid):

141. Seemingly, A. when the Nimbus 2000 first B. went on sale C. thousand adolescents D. crammed into  Quality Quidditch Supplies on Diagon Alley.

142. A. The basic that B. you'll need to brew your C. own healing potions D. are to be found in your textbook "1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi" by Phyllida Spore.

143. "Not to worry about your trip through the Muggle world, Mr Weasley, Hermione has A. booked you on an evening flight to Budapest B. where you will be C. pickup at the airport and D. driven to your hotel.

144. A. When he left Hogwarts, Lockhart Gilderoy B. he was informed that his C. memory would probably D. never completely return.

145.  A. By the way, Mr.Cornelius Fudge B. who already heads the ministry of magic and has positions in a number of other organizations C. have agreed to accept a post D. as a member of the board of trustees at Gringotts Wizards' Bank.
146.   Professor McGonnagal forewarned A. the newly arrived students B. that there were a C. sorting hat ceremony D. which would begin in five minutes.

147. While A. on their tour of Diagon Alley Mr. and Mrs Grainger (dentists) B. saw that both flying broomsticks C. also magic wands D. were available for   purchase.

148. Harry, Ron, and Hermione A. spent the afternoon B. playing and studying with C. the other Gryffindor D. childrens in the dorm.

149. A. First year student are required B. to wear plain work robes (black), C. plain pointy hats, and protective gloves (dragonhide or comparable D. during Herbology class.

150. (Looking at the unconscious Troll on the floor in the girl's bathroom.) "I A. can understand the situation B. you were on , Miss Grainger, scholastically brillant and burning with ambition C. however I won't condone D. your irresponsable actions; Ten points docked from Gryffindor.



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