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Oliver Wood: Scared, Harry?
Harry: A little.
Oliver Wood: It's all right. I felt the same way before my first game.
Harry: What happened?
Oliver Wood: Er, I don't really remember. I took a bludger to the head two minutes in. Woke up in the hospital a week later.

Ascertain which underlined section needs to be mended. (Cursing the author of this quiz is strictly forbidden!):

151. , A. Browse through the library books B. one by one our C. trio despaired of ever finding a trace D. of Nicolas Flamel.

152. A. All in all , Dolby's B. ineffectual crusade and histrionics against the C. enslave of the house elves has in no way D. decreased their productivity.

153. The Potions Master is A. neither unbiased or professional B. in his treatment of students from Gryffindor house, C. barely hiding D. his distaste .

154. "I A. assume that you're here B. for news of that C. unfortunate incursion here at the bank." said the spokesgoblin, " The investigation is D. continue thus that's all you need to know. So get!"

155.  Hogwarts A. regulations ,as a matter of course, B. warning students C. not to use their magic D. over the summer vacations.
156.   A. The toad, Treavor, B. it always seems to C. find a way to get lost or perhaps Neville forgets D. where he puts his pet.

157. Lee Jordan, the student cmmentator A. for Quidditch matches is a bit B. taken with Angelina Johnson, a chaser for Gryffindor, and C. mentions her quite D. offer  .

158. Ron A. ruefully states that he never gets any new stuff: just B. the Bill's worn clothes , C. Percy's ancient rat: Scabbers and D. Charlie's decrepit wand.

159. Fred and George Weasley, A. the pranksters of the B. student body , C. know many secret passageways all D. over at the school and surrounding grounds..

160. When Harry A. finally got to platform nine and three quarters the first B. three carries were C. fully loaded , luckily he found an empty cabin in the D. back near the caboose.



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