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Caretaker Argus Filch: "A pity they let the old punishment die...
Was a time detention found you hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons...
God, I miss the screaming."

Questions 161- 164

Notice to All Passengers Who Patronize the Hogwarts Express

Rarely are traveler's belongings mislaid during transit. However in the event that such loss occurs and the SWS Team (Search With Sorcery) fails to locate your possessions, you should describe the missing piece or pieces of property on the "Missing Luggage Form R11" which can be obtained from one of our conductors or train operators.
If there is no news after a few days have passed, please submit a claim to Atypical Transport. Be aware that according to Rules and Regulations of Railroad Shipment page 589 subparagraph 16D that all rail common carriers are legally obligated to reimburse up to one hundred and thirty silver sickles for packages and luggage lost. Surplus Property and Casualty insurance may be purchased for 39 bronze knuts for each sixty gold galleons covered. A ceiling of 3,000 gold galleons is normal for most policies and many companies refuse to insure expensive, perishable, mystical, or frail objects.

Igor Karkaroff Sr.

Operating the Hogwarts Express
Since 1320 Anno Domino

Post Script: Muggles and those who often deal with them
might want to use the Muggles Money Converter.
Igor Karkaroff Sr.
Igor Karkaroff Sr.

According to the text above:

161. Under what conditions might excess insurance coverage be barred?
A. When the handles are missing from the suitcases.
B. If you are insured by a competing carrier.
C. If a only a negligible proportion of the
contents are marred.
D. When the objects in question are too delicate.

163. When should a rider file a claim for lost luggage?

A. A few hours after the trip.
B. When notified by the conductor.
C. A couple of days after the journey.
D. When settling the bill for the voyage.
162. In the event of loss how much is Atypical Transport liable for?
A. Nothing: they are exempt.
B. 130 silver sickles
C. thirty nine bronze knuts
D. 3,000 gold galleons
164. Where can the document to itemize and define your missing baggage be obtained?
A. from one of the engineers.
B. at the Atypical Transport Service Office.
C. from Common Carriers.
D. from a member of the SWS Team.

Unseen and Incomparable:
Unique Home Developers

The most popular homebuilder for the wizarding professional is embarking on a noteworthy project: "Nibleton" an exclusive gated community in Bittles on Stratford located just outside Hogmeades.
UHD seeks a sales/marketing manager, vigorous and dynamic, able to install a team attitude in a small but motivated sales force.This person will report directly to the C.E.O. Lucius Malfoy.

This is a very invisible post, discretion must be pursued to the utmost. Nibleton is reserved for only the best magical families. Special care must be taken to insure that no Muggles or Half Breeds ever hear or see any of the enclosed properties even while mounting an extensive sales campaign.

Besides at least 7 years experience with exclusionary marketing to uniquely magical clients (wizard's mail crusades, Floo powder Ads, etc.) the candidate will be expected to familiar with the latest security measures and regularly interface with the Ministry of Magic.

Telport C.V. and Salary requirements to:

Finding, Hiring, & Firing Department
627A Knockalong Alley
England 012-£@##23

165. Unique Home Developers is looking for what type of person
A. forceful
B. friendly
C. interactive
D. sporty
167. In what field is the job applicant NOT expected to have any expertise.
A. magical security
B. coaching
C. product promotion
D. publicity
166.   Which word best describes the Nibleton development.
A. sincere
B. nice
C. closed
D. dynamic

Subscribe to the Broomstick Bombers Quidditch Club

Support the Bombers in there yearly quest for the Tribling Cup!

20 Galleons: The Silver Bashers Donor

.........A shot at buying playoff tickets before the general public (if available)

..........Advance seating and reservation privileges

..........Invitations to the Annual Kickoff Breakfast

..........Discount coupons for the Team Sportswear Store

35 Galeons: The Golden Snitch Benefactor
all of the above plus:

.........First choice on any playoff tickets!

.........Reduced rates for any multi-plan season tickets!

.........Autographed team photo!

.........Opportunities to meet the players at special charity events throughout the year!

All supporters receive a year's subscription to

Bombs Magazine

Sign up today and get a free Blitzy Bomber Cap FREE

For more information Consult the Bomber Oracle via Owl Mail!

Check one:

Regular member____ Silver Basher Donor____ Golden Snitch Benefactor ____

First Name ________________ Last Name__________________

Address _______________________________________

City _______________________ Zip code ________________

Debit my Gringott's account ___ account number_____________

Check enclosed ___ send me a bill___

168. What don't the Silver Bashers get?
A. easy ticket purchasing
B. a team publication
C. the occasion to dine with other supporters
D. a chance to see the athletes outside of Quidditch matches.
170. What information is required on this form
A. work setting
B. nation
C. accomplishments
D. what sort sort of payment
169. Which of these would you receive only if you
were a Golden Snitch Benefactor?
A. signatures from the players
B. reductions at the Bomber's Clothing Store
C. team headgear
D. the Bomb magazine



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