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Magic Conservation Months

In recent years magic use has risen to uncomfortably high levels during the holiday season. The cost of concealing the effects of wizardry from Muggles becomes increasingly burdensome.As you are well aware surplus magical energy has been known to spill out into the General Public. Quite frankly something had to be done. Therefore the Department for the Regulation and Control of Hocus-Pocus in conjunction with the town of Chipping Sodbury, West England has introduced this reduction scheduale below. If you will refrain from using magic at these times it will allow our Magic Accident Reversal Squads to deploy their services wisely. In addition city center residents and local area businesses are asked to tone down their X-mas displays during weekdays when there are so many Muggle day-trippers.

Thank you
for your consideration

Mafalda Hopkirk
Professional TOEIC Fairy
since 2001

Bewitching Downtimes:
Who When Particularly Forbidden
Necromancer Firms Tuesday & Thursday afternoons Raising the dead, zombie chat groups, and
contacting the Beyond
Phantasmagorical Manufacturing Plants All day Monday and Friday afternoons weight loss charms, any and all wand
fabrication or crystal manipulation
Governmental and Accounting Offices Wednesday and Friday all day Book Binding, Transfiguration of Ledgers,
and Red Tape Conjuring
Sorcerlery Shoppes and Mystic Boutiques Evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. Exotic fragrance generators, compulsive
buying spells,and any witchy store windows!
Inhabitants of castles, mansions,keeps and cottages Mornings before 11 a.m. Monday Wednesday and Friday ensorceling: children, musical instriments
or damsels
Questions 171- 174      According to the text above:
171. Who is NOT required to comply?
A. Big companies.
B. Small business or homeowners
C. Factories.
D. Medical clinics.
172. Why would Chipping Sodbury impliment this system?
A. There is no such thing as magic!.
B. To bring new business to the region
C. Better choreograph scarce staff
D. There is an excess of magic

173. How often has this been
done in the past??
A. never
B. once
C. twice before
D. three times

174. What were downtown homeowners and local stores
supposed to do about their holiday presentaions?
A. moderate them
B. summon them.
C. cease and desist
D. beguile all of them

Recall Demanded
Creaturama Conglomerates announced a recall of "Hagrid's Dragon Tamer Kits" . According to the manufacturer the problem concerns over 400 gloves and faceguards. Apparently the tanned Mandrake hide normally used in production was replaced by a synthetic imitation. You must remember the uproarious pandemonium that the introduction of Hagrid's Dragon Tamer Kits made when they first hit the streets. Most people found the instruction manual included with all the other odd contrivances hilarious. Most people did not take the product seriously and thought it was a great farce. Not so in East Farthing and also Lobingmeadow where several customers, while trying to avoid the rapid and blistering attack of their yet untamed dragons, found the aforementioned articles of protection lacking. Madame Pomfret has been engaged as a medical consultant by Creaturama. Anyone hurt while using a Hagrid's Dragon Tamer Kit may contact her at their headquarters in Little Thumberland or C/O Hogwarts Wizarding School.
175. What was the flaw in Hagrid's Dragon Tamer Kits?
A. improper safety design
B. untrained users
C. unknown
D. poor materials
176.   Where is the central hub or home base of Creaturama Conglomerates?
A. Little Thumberland
B. Hogwarts Wizarding School
C. East Farthing
D. Lobingmeadow

Teguom's Outlook

Recently I read in Gringotts'Gazzette that the Camelot Herald is in dire straits financially. Perhaps they are only a few days away from bankrupcy. Suppliers have been clamoring to be paid.
Not long ago, the Camelot itself made the news with a bizzare industrial accident. One worker was lost and two were maimed when a four ton printing press inexplicably levitated. The employees were trying to return the machine to the ground when it suddenly lurched and fell on them. Then for the first time in 362 years there was no morning edition of the newspaper. The Industrial Safety Commission is making an inquiry into the incident. Speculation abounds but those in the know think that he-who-must-not-be-named was involved.
There is no official word from the Arthurian Entertainment Ltd. (the parent company of the Camelot Herald.) however rumor has it that the Herald was behind or had cancelled their Worker's Compensation policy with Ethereal Insurance of North Cumberbuns. This would certainly explain their monetary woes. I'll try to keep you informed

Professor Teguom
Dept of
Soothsayer Journalism

177. Which of these happened as a result of the accident?
A. Three people died
B. Two employees were severely injured
C. The shop foreman was fired
D. You-know-who was sighted

178. How long was the newspaper shut down?
A. one week
B. several hours
C. a day
D. forty eight hours

179. Who owns the Camelot Herald?
A. Ethereal Insurance
B. Gringotts
C. Arthurian Entertainment Ltd
D. Industrial Safety Commission

180. What is the situation with the newspaper's accounts payable?
A. they have been arcanely shifted to accounts receivable
B. they are in arears
C. they are on a sound footing
D. they are being assessed by the Industrial Safety Commission



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