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Questions 181- 184

Troll Obedience School

Here at TrollDoRight! Troll and Ogre Training, which has served the Greater Magical London and it's suburbs
since 1523, we have a wide variety of troll and ogre obedience programs to suit every need and price range.
Trained by professionals! Every one of our Senior Trainers is a graduate of either Beauxbatons Ecole de Magique Arts,
Salem School for the Magically Inclined, or Durmstrang Institute of Magic. Why go elsewhere?

Factory style, cookie cutter obedience classes can't help you with real "Troll and Ogre" problems.
Here at TrollDoRight our system is based on customizing lessons to you and your situation.
Give us the age, breed, tempermental quirks etc. and our trained staff will formulate a program for you.

Look at just a FEW of the many Troll behavoral problems that you and our clients deal with everyday:
Simple Common Particularly Onerous
Jumping Potty training Eating house elfs
Dismembering muggles Chasing broomsticks Biting your children
Uprooting trees Digging Dens Marking Territory
Growling Stealing clothing Chewing on wands and other magical devices

The list is long and we handle all sorts of difficulties. Together we will overcome them!

Run of the mill Group Troll Training Classes or Ogre Obedience Classes don't touch on these diverse and sometimes grave problems.
Oh average obedience classes are super for teaching you and your animal to walk in a circle , sit, fetch a tractor, or play dead.
But they don't look at your Troll and what you actually want to do with him. Plus other schools , unfortunately, are only in it for the money. For example: Have you already bought expensive, bizarre equipement (like Head Harnesses, or magic troll muzzles ) only to find that they did not work or even hurt your troll or ogre? You'll see none of that at TrollDoRight. We are in the business professionally and take great pride in servicing the Wizarding World. We wouldn't stoop to chicanery just to make a little more money.
So whether you are novice who has just bought an adorable baby troll or want to include security ogres to your workforce,
don't hesitate Owl mail TrollDoRight today!

According to the text above:
181. What is listed as a simple problem with Trolls?
A. Nipping fingers
B. Removing arms and legs of non magical humans
C. Chasing squirrels
D. Escavating
182. What would you say is the major difference between TrollDoRight and other Troll Obedience Schools? TrollDoRight
A. personalizes their training.
B. is non profit.
C. never teaches baby trolls.
D. doesn't use magic.
183. Which of the following is NOT true of TrollDoRight?
A. they train ogres for security services
B. all of their instructors have diplomas from magic schools
C. their premises are in England
D. they have many different plans and prices.
184. What is the main purpose of this advertisement?
A. to buy and sell Troll harnesses and muzzles.
B. to explain the difference between Troll and Ogre training..
C. to end the mistreatment of Trolls
D. to get customers to enroll their pets

Hobgoblin Heavy Industries
From: Wizard Resources
To Chad Franklin Darwish III
From Narcisse Kumkwat
sent: Wednesday 14, 20.. 11:36 a.m.
Subject: Company Box Seats Available

Can you tell your lazy crew that work(?) for you that several of our major customers: Stormgard Ltd, Unicorn Farming Inc. etc. have had to cancel their visits to Great Britain at the last minute due to pressing financial matters. Apparently this had nothing to do with those absurd rumors that you-know-who is back. Still, this leaves us with several empty seats for this weekend's Qudditch match. Whoever would like to see this International Friendly between the France's Quiberon Quafflepunchers should Owl-mail Personnel a.s.a.p. ("as soon as possible", you dolt). To be fair it's first come first serve and no more than four tickets to any one person. Tnx for getting the word out.


185. Who can get free tickets?

A. People who know Narcisse
B. Grandstand employees
C. Employees from Chad's Staff
D. French Quidditch Fans

186.   Narcisse mentions that the clients of Hobgoblin Heavy Industries have NOT canceled because of?

A. Lending Liabilities
B. He-who-shall-not-be named
(Lord Voltemort, you ninny)
C. Disliking Quidditch
D. Financial worries

Wiltshire Bewitching Botanic Gardens
"Adding Magic to Horticulture"
A complete line of otherworldly plants for both professionals and consumers. Family owned since 16 B.C.

This week's special:

Black Orchids

Black Orchid seeds and cuttings.
Long known for their resistance to the effects malific forces, Black Orchids have been
recently shown to repel dementors. Plant Black Ochids in your garden today and protect your house and yard all summer long. No one likes an out of control dementor wandering about your grounds. Curbs many other fiendish pests as well. We would like you to be entirely satisfied with the strong healthy plants you have purchased from Wiltshire's, so we include a individual instruction brochure for handling and planting with all our plants.

Several young plants in pot 3 galleons.

Seed pack (2 whole ounces): 8 silver sickles
If you buy before the Ides of March you'll receive at no cost to you a sample packet of Professor Sprouts "Fangless Blue Tomatoes" just in time for spring planting.

All orders come with a free subscription to Wiltshire Bewitching Botanic Gardens Spring and Fall catalog.

Wiltshire Bewitching Botanic Gardens also specializes in High-Performance Growing charms, Occult Planting Incantations and Soil Amulets.
Don't forget our uncanny collection of Tinkling Bandersnatches, Ornamental Pixies, Sorcerous Garden Statues and other enchanting creatures.
Wiltshire Bewitching Botanic Gardens Just off Diagon Alley at 27 Fern St. London. Store hours 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Open Saturdays till nine pm.

187. Where is the MOST likely place that might you find this Ad?
A. On television
B. On a poster at Hogwarts
C. In a newspaper like the Daily Quibbler.
D. On a sales flyer delivered by owl mail.
188. Other than through their catalog how can a customer purchase items at Wiltshire's?
A. by visiting the store on Fern st.
B. via loging on at the the company's website.
C. by bribing Professor Sprout.
D. using the telephone.
189. What will the Garden shop give away with each sale of Black Orchids?
A. bunch of floral buds
B. pile of pots
C. package of seeds
D. several sickles
190. How will the typical shopper use Tinkling Bandersnatches, Ornamental Pixies, Sorcerous Garden Statues ?
A. to wallpaper the greenhouse
B. to decorate their lawns
C. to hoe the garden
D. in weeding



This quiz is just a sample of the TOIEC exam or Test Of Enchantments, Incantations, & Charms.
If you are a foreign Muggle perhaps you want the "other TOEIC".
We suggest that you go to
If this test seemed odd to you, not to worry as soon as you click on the link above,
You'll forget all about this page.
Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee
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