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 Ensorcelled TOEIC
 Reading 191-200

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How to Stay Healthy and Happy when Conducting High Altitude Dragon Riding

Pressure, wind, and temperature may all be severe during pinnacle ascents. Levitation spells often suffer at extreme heights. Rapid decompression, confusion and even mundane "jetliners" can all present dangers to the novice dragon pilot. You and your body may not be acclimatized to such conditions. Here is some simple advice for rookies:
1. Chew Droobles Best Blowing Gum especially ear popping cherry flavor. This releaves air pressure build up both inside (climbing) and outside (diving).

2. Yoga, Tai chi and other forms of stretching is recommended to prevent muscle stiffening and cramps.

3. Get a good night's sleep! Falling asleep on flying reptile is no picnic!

4. Eat chocolate frequently as this helps to prevent airsickness.

5. Don't smoke or wear smoking sportswear. (colored smoke esp.)

6. Drinking excessively is to be avoided as it tends to make landing difficult.

Finally, it is preferable to fly during the day. Even accomplished dragon jockeys can have misfortunes at night.

Questions 191- 194      According to the text above:
191. Chewing gum reduces?
A. headaches
B. earaches
C. stomach aches
D. spasms
192. What should you do before flying?
A. Talk with owls.
B. Breathe plenty of fresh air.
C. make sure you have ample shuteye.
D. Eat chocolate.

193. Alcohol is not recommended on flights why?
A. coming down is a problem
B. masks the taste of chocolate
C. makes you sleepy
D. interferes with sports

194. Even experienced flyers may fare poorly...
A. during the daytime
B. with yoga.
C. at dawn
D. after dark

Goodwitch Elizabeth Garrick
Goodwitch Lizzy Garrick
Goodwitch Garrick presents
a Wizard Path Seminar
This Business Wizardarding Professional is holding an eight hour workshop created exclusively for our firm. Managers are asked to promote this event. Inscribing you and your staff may just be one of the best decisions you make all season!
Some of the subjects that will be dealt with:
How to be in control of Owl mails by just the manner in which you respond.
Improve your memory on the job and throw away your Rememberall!
How to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously without resorting to a Time-Turner
Various methods to save time and money at almost every instant of the business day making you in charge. Classes are limited to between 20 or 25 wizards. Why not sign up early and reserve your place? Don't delay. There will be a waiting list for late entries.
175. What is the topic of this ad?
A. job offers
B. personal time management skills
C. muggle interfacing
D. institutes of higher learning
176.   Why should you sign up early?
A. multiple tasks simultaneously
B. discount offered
C. restricted access
D. late charge
deux cheveaux

MEAR: Magically Enhanced Automobile Rental

This voucher entitles the bearer to
12 bronze Knuts
off the price of our
weekend rental

Information:  MEAR reserves the right to invalidate this offer during certain time periods
 as well as designated areas of the UK.

Thanks to certain agreements with the Magic Reversal Squads and select payments to Ministry Officials we are able to offer a wide range of hybrid enchanted vehicles. Unlike other agencies there is no mileage charge, so drive as long as you want and as far as you want.

Notice: These automobiles are of muggle origin and often need gasoline to run. An empty tank might mean that you are stranded until help arrives. Of couse we are equipped with a 24 hour travel assistance team ready to come to your aid all across the country. However, remember to choose the road service option in our accident insurance policy or you run the risk of incurring substantial penalties if we have to come and get you.

Please owl mail your nearest MEAR sales representative for further details.

Note: Words muggles use to obtain an auto loan

177. How would you describe this text?
A. an info-commercial
B. classified ad
C. a short article
D. a free coupon

178. What should you be careful to avoid?
A. insurance risks
B. running out of fuel
C. incurring muggles
D. Ministry Officials

179. What is the time period covered by this reduction?
A. daily
B. weekly
C. weekdays
D. weekends

180. What additional service are you encouraged to select?
A. nationwide roadside assistance
B. detailed MEAR salesman
C. a full tank
D. no mileage charge

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