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Teachers:  to bring your whole class to the HP TOEIC questions 101-110 try typing these keywords into google:
toeic gala    or   toeic vocabulary
one of the first few  results should be this test.

<>The answers:
101  A. indefinitely
quickly,  declining, and  throughout don't make any sense without adding additional words or changing the structure of the sentence
102  B would have asked
could have asked would have been  okay too but it was not written that way
<> 103  C saying
 It goes without saying is a common expression in English. deleting does not make logical sense. explaining and telling while
seeming logical are not used in English.
<> 104  A & B squat  anything
doing squat is slang and means to do nothing. Choosing "nothing" would be using a double negative which is a "no no" in English;-))
<> 105  D. on learning
<> 106  D. invest
infinitive needed, you did see that the word "to" preceeding the blank?
<> 107  A adverse
Adjective needed!
<> 108  C. more or  less
<> 109  C was
have been & were are plural and the subject Neville is singular
<> 110  B diminishing