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 HP TOEIC Reading: 111-120 Teacher's Notes:

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111. The Hogwarts Express is not responsible for any damage or bewitchment______________ its control.
answer: d. beyond

112. Using the telephone is very__________ for Mr Weasley, he almost always screws something up.
answer: B. disconcerting

113. A free carrying case will be furnished with every purchase of a magic wand at Ollivanders for a _____________ period of time..
answer: C. limited

114. Please ____________ this week's homework to Professor McGonagall before tomorrow afternoon..

answer: C. submit

115. For the last two months the Hufflepuff Quidditch crew has worked particularly well on all phases of team _____________..

answer: B. development

116. Hermione believes that the spellbook always gives the conclusive answer, however clever wizards will fashion ______ own innovative remedies.
answer: C. their

117. Halloween is a special event at Hogwarts and as you know it always falls on the last day ______ October.
answer: D. of

118. "Remember to read the chapter on the problems of regarding the Mirror of Erised_______,there will be a quiz on it." said Professor Quirrell.
answer: A. thoroughly

119. From a young wizard's viewpoint getting ____________ advice is the key to enchanting advancement..
answer: A. sound or D. unbiased

120. Dumbledore approached the concept with a great deal of _____________ since Hagrid's proposal was to say the least eccentric.
answer: A. trepidation or D. careful forethought

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