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 Pointy Hat TOEIC Reading: 141-150 Teacher's Notes:

To bring all of your students to the same page have them go to google and type either hat toeic or pointy toeic

Usually starting a new catagory the TOEIC is fairly easy in the beginning. Most of these faults are incorrect in eitherr the singular or plural forms

141. C. sample correction: "a thousand students" or "thousands of students"

142. A. sample correction: The basics (basic is an adjective)

143. C. sample correction: "picked up" (a pick up is a noun or pick up is in the present tense and after "will be" past tense is needed.)

144. B. "he" is redundant

145. C. watch your plurals and singulars while "have agreed" follows organizations which is plural, the subject of the sentence is Mr. Fudge.

146 . B. watch your plurals and singulars while using there. "That there were" does follow students, but "there" is the subject of the sentence. In that case it's the object: "ceremony" the verb must match.

147. C. sample correction: "and"

148. D. Childrens?

149.A. watch your plurals and singulars a simple s at the end of student and bingo it's fixed. Watch the small changes!

150. B. sample correction: "you were in"

For the talking pictures:
Just tell the students who finish early to a write down what andom said( the guy in the pointy hat)
and two tell you who wrote it
Mark Twain and Gore Vidal
and finally ask if there was a theme for this
(really hard)
books gore Vidal mentions books Mark Twain's quote is from notebooks
and andom is featured with bookshelves behind him
my quote is from Albert Einstein
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

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