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 HP TOEIC Reading: 151-160 Teacher's Notes:

151. A. Browse through "
it should be in this form : "browsing through"

152. C. enslave
This is verb and what is needed is a noun: enslavement.

153. A. neither unbiased or
(neither nor or either or)

154. D. continue
correction: (is)"continuing"

155. B. warning
There's no verb, corrected: "warn"

156 . B. it
The subject of the sentence is The toad. The "it" is redundant.

157. D. offer
wrong word, corrected: "often"

158. B. the Bill's worn clothes
remove the "the"

159.D. over at
at" is unneeded, corrected "over"

160. B. three carries
wrong word, corrected: "three carriages"

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