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 HP TOEIC Reading: 161-170 Teacher's Notes:

161. D. When the objects in question are too delicate
Frail is a synonym for fragile

(many companies refuse to insure expensive, perishable, mystical, or frail objects)

162. B. 130 silver sickles
rail common carriers are legally obligated to reimburse up to one hundred and thirty silver sickles for packages and luggage lost.

163.C. A couple of days after the journey.
(after a few days have passed )

164. A. from one of the engineers.
(which can be obtained from one of our conductors or train operators)

165. A. forceful

166 . C. closed

167. B. coaching

168. D. a chance to see the athletes outside of Quidditch matches.

169.A. signatures from the players

170. D. what sort sort of payment

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