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Teacher's Notes for the Fairy Toeic
The images talk, at least in Internet Explorer. The image of the TOEIC fairy recites a line from a poem.
An interesting webquest is to find the name of the poem and the author.

Answer Key

171. Who is NOT required to comply?

D. Medical clinics.

Big companies: yes because Necromancer Firms and Phantasmagorical Manufacturing Plants could be considered big business.and the same for these: Small business or homeowners: Sorcerlery Shoppes and Mystic Boutiques and Inhabitants of castles, mansions,keeps and cottages. Factories: Phantasmagorical Manufacturing Plants

172. Why would Chipping Sodbury impliment this system?
C. Better choreograph scarce staff
Better choreograph scarce staff in plainer English means to better use or place your employees.remember in the text:"our Magic Accident Reversal Squads to deploy their services wisely"
Yes there is a lot of excess magic but the best answer is still C.

173. How often has this been done in the past??
A never
In the text: Department for the Regulation and Control of Hocus-Pocus in conjunction with the town of Chipping Sodbury, West England has introduced this
You have to infer from this that it has never happened before.

174. What were downtown homeowners and local stores supposed to do about their holiday presentaions?
A. moderate them
"to tone down their X-mas displays" = "moderate or reduce holiday presentations"

175. What was the flaw in Hagrid's Dragon Tamer Kits?
D. poor materials
Why? In the text: "Apparently the tanned Mandrake hide normally used in production was replaced by a synthetic imitation" you have to conclude that the synthetic material was faulty or improper.

176. Where is the central hub or home base of Creaturama Conglomerates?
A. Little Thumberland
In the text: " Creaturama. Anyone hurt while using a Hagrid's Dragon Tamer Kit may contact her at their headquarters in Little Thumberland " headquarters = home base.

177. Which of these happened as a result of the accident?
B. Two employees were severely injured
One person was killed as well. To maim = to handicap or disfigure usually via the the loss of one or more limbs.

178. How long was the newspaper shut down?
B. several hours
You have to deduce that because there was no morning edition but no mention of the cancellation of the evening edition that the newspaper was interupted for only a brief time.

179. Who owns the Camelot Herald?
C.Arthurian Entertainment Ltd
no official word from the Arthurian Entertainment Ltd. (the parent company of the Camelot Herald.)

180. What is the situation with the newspaper's accounts payable?
B. they are in arears
Payments that are in arears mean that they are late, behind or not made at all ( in accountant talk.)

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