Go take a peek at Son of Jargon

We played with toilet paper rolls.
Set up a user profile in Netscape.
What is an example excellent design and what irritates you in everyday life? 

Class exercise:
Break up into groups of two or three. You are working for an avant guard architectural firm.
The latest contract involves a building or complex similar to what you would find at EMSE.
There has been one snag and that is how to move people between floors.
It seems the client has had problems with the present design in this area.
First: List all the typical ways people go from one floor to another.
Second: Brainstorm a bit and write down as many ways as you can think of to change floors.
(remember some may be good for descending others for the ascent.)
In the beginning don't exclude any of them.
Third: do a rough sketch of four of your favorite solutions using our school as a base.
Finally: Make a profession presentation  using an image editor and something like
powerpoint or html pages.

what types of video games are there?