A handsome young Cyborg named Ace,
                        Wooed women at every base,
                        But once ladies glanced at
                        His special enhancement
                        They vanished with nary a trace.

                            Barracks Graffiti
                            Sparta Command

Here's some scary thoughts from  Raymond Kurzweil: Rooting for the Machine
Let's take a vocabulary quiz with Buzzwords

  What's Halloween without a bag of tricks? You need some revenge tactics, just in case your friends and
  coworkers refuse to cough up the goodies this year. These three downloads will throw a few harmless hiccups
  into their PCs without causing any permanent damage. Still, install them at your own risk and make sure your
  target has a good sense of humor.

  Click Me 1.01
. This pesky little button just won't quit until your harried friend presses Enter or Esc.

  Mouse Drift 1.6
 As far as we can tell, the only way to shut the thing down is to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete,
select the program, and click End Task.

  Ghost Surfer 2.0

   Ghost Surfer runs in a screensaver-like mode, so once your pal moves her mouse, the program pauses and goes back     normal computing. Turn on the Invisible Mode, and the program vanishes from your desktop. It may take a while
before your friend realizes what's going on.

These little pranks were provided by:
Whitsoft Development (use internet explorer only) and check out their JSPranks

RJL Software