1. How did QuesTek come up with this new steel?
     "The whole strategy is to get there by design". They litterally
designed the steel on the computer instead of experimenting. So far
materials scientist believed, that the dynamics of steel were too
complex and nonlinear to design.
(quote on p. 2, paragraph 2, also p. 4, paragraph 8)
2. (pretty detailed) What properties needs a sword to kill a dragon?
   Phenomenal strength to penetrate the dragon's thick hide, high
thermal tolerance to withstand the fiery breath, corrosion resistance
due to the highly acidic blood of the dragon.
(page 3, paragraph 1)
3. What's the differenc between science and technology (definition by
   "Science takes nature apart in order to generate theories and
information. Technology puts things together to change the world."
(page 3, paragraph 5)
4. What is the key to design a material?
   "The key to materials is the control of the imperfections you need."
(page 4, paragraph 7)
5. What are the difficulties in introducing the designed steels?
   "You can't just take a computer and make a new steel and say this is
going to work." Which basically means, that the new material needs to be
well proofed in various tests. Also great performance won't do it, if
production costs are too high.
(page 5, paragraph 4)
6. Why are computers not enough to make the dragonslayer?
     With the computer one can design the steel, but it still needs a
traditional bladesmith who will forge the blade out of the steel. It's a
combination of avant-garde steel and the ancient labor of the forge.
(page 6, paragraph 7)