Vacation spots in the twenty first century, what will they be like? Where will they be?
Of course it is impossible to definitely answer this question. Science Fiction and Fantasy are not in
the business of predicting the future. Their aim, if it exists is to question: Why not? What if?
How could? So with a little imagination, some colored pixels, and of course some writing we are
going to create a sort of travel brochure for the year 2098. Will any of us be alive when that year is a reality? I hope so.
Creating a booklet or site sometimes requires or is enhanced by a kind of standardization. Images should be a certain size, everyone should use the same background, unless there is a good reason not to. Here are some windows on the future, borders, and a background that we can all use. We should decide on which Fonts, colors, and font sizes available for the pamphlet as well.

Circles would be fun


An Oval might spice things up.

The traditional rectangle is always nice (with or without borders).

Triangles are positively spooky.

Here are some backgrounds to consider.
And of course you could create one yourself.

Here are some questions that may help you design your vacation spot.