Make It Sound Like It Is Science Fiction
Write down a common everyday item that you might find in a catalog like L.L. Beans:

Now click on the button below to receive a hint as to what your catalog item should be.

It may take one or two clicks to get the right product. For example you could write "Nose" and your hint might come back "electonic" so that makes "electronic nose" and if you were in class a week ago you would have found out that such a device actually exists. Spooky huh?

So you have got a item that you want to put in our Catalog "Lands Without End". Now comes the hard part: you have to design an image for it on paintshop pro or adobe photoshop. And, you have to market it. What are the words used often in Ads? Practical, Saves Time!, Economical, Fantastic, etc. Yes, you write the commercial. You should be able to make a complete page for the catalog.

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