Do You  Want to Live Forever?

This is this week's topic.
The idea of a fountain of youth has always been something fantastic or  of science fiction. That may be about to change.
Read John Cramer's Planet of the Geezers
Take a peek at a very serious science article in Scientific American (a magazine not noted for outlandish statements) in their article on Turning Back the Strands of Time.
Now that you have thought a little about the implications of this discovery, why don't
you help us create a questionaire on the subject of an expanded lifetime.

Another interesting aspect that my come out of this development is looked at in Brains

Hey there is a message for you on SpacenetII, if you will just click here.
If you don't know, spacenetII is a 3D sensoround. Images, sound, smell, taste, and touch are all recreated there. Too bad
your CPU is not up to the task.

There are other ways to achieve immortality. I've recently told two stories in class
They are both variations on a theme: The idea of virtual beings or people downloaded into a machine.

Last but not least you can take a look at the poster that advertised the course at our school.