Krease, a Prophph from the planet Ozeatazooknee has big plans. He would like to open an import/export business on Earth. He feels he could sell lots of products from his home world. In addition, he would like to buy concorde supersonic transports, tgv trains, Bull computers, and Quick restaurants because he knows they will sell quickly  if he packages them as primitive works of art. That sort of thing is all the rage back on Ozeatazooknee. He already has several interested buyers.
Krease registered the Earth side branch of his new company :
           E.arth M.aterials S.pace E.xports
with the United Nations and is now ready to hire employees. Krease is a « hands on » kind of alien and wants to do the interviewing himself. His English isnít too good and he would like
to have a list of prospective questions for the applicants.

What are some common questions that an interviewer would ask in a job interview ?

Krease has been mulling over this problem and has made a list of some of the questions that he would like to ask. Unfortunately they are not in an English format. Hereís the list. Could you put his ideas into complete sentences ?

1.  Present Job/dislike/like ?
2.  future/U/5years ?
3.  Y/me/hire/Earthling ?
4.  Direction/take ?
5.  Yourself/tell
6.  With others/work/alone ?
7.  Pressure /deadlines?
8.  Accomplishments/failures ?
9.  Y or where/here/work ?
10.  Situation/faced/difficult ?
11.Travel/moving/problem ?
12.  Do/how/differently/career ?

Can you make up a list of questions that a candidate might ask a representative of a firm like : How is one judged in this position ? How is success measured in this firm?

Now that you have quite a few questions you might break up in twos and pretend to conduct the interview. Answer the questions as if you really were the applicant as they would apply to you. Alternate being the extraterrestrial and the candidate.

These are often called « loaded questions » meaning in part that they are difficult to answer. Discuss in class why these were hard to answer and why would a firm be interested in how you respond. Are these trick questions ? Try to give a resume of what you learned about the other student.

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