Planet Building

The following two are audio files and may take some time to download. You will need some sort of audio soft ware that can read .wav files. Normally, you can get a plug-in from Netscape to hear the files directly from the page. Hey, I am sorry but this implies that you have a sound card.

One of the first things we did was to listen to a story I am writing called:
The Devil Comes to Town

For laughs we looked at a very serious method for Identifying Mad Cows.

Now to the more serious stuff. This is were we begin some serious graphic design with paintshop pro:
Creating a Star Field

Now, creating a Star Field is just making a background for your page and you may want to skip that and move on to:

Planet Building (EASY)

Textured Planet (HARD)

Of course you may want to start off by looking at what others have done already. If so check out
Planets Remember this is a site in the making. It will be several weeks before these planets have their own stories and civilizations.