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The Sex Quiz For Dummies Teacher's Answer Key

Teachers while you can bring your class to "the sex quiz for dummies" on line via
google altavista yahoo alltheweb etc. and have your students type "Sex Quiz Dummies" the first result will be this quiz.
But, I find that printing the quiz and then correcting it together is a lot more fun. But to do that you'll need this information:

1. Eighty percent of all idiots are men.
How can this be guys? This is true even though I don't like to admit it. Why?
If you have an IQ of over 140 then science labels you a genius. (most of the men in the room with you are going: "that's me!")
However in the unfortunate cases where the Intelligence quotient is below or equal to sixty they are called
idiots. Now for these individuals the vast majority of them are male. Sorry gentlemen, and no one knows exactly why.
That tricky y chromosone! Males comprise an even larger percentage of imbeciles or those whose IQ are below forty. To be sure these terms date from a classification system no longer in use and are considered offensive. Which is why the girls find
this answer to this question particularly funny.
There is another way of looking at this: the Dawin Awards. Apparently, men seem to do much better at this dubious competition according to the British medical journal.
2. According to Desmond Morris in his seminal work the "The Naked Ape" men
are thirty percent larger than women because: men need the extra size to maintain a harem of two females.
Whoa! Huh? What is a naked ape? In the family of primates the naked ape or the one without fur is a Homo sapien.
Desmond Morris decided to examine human beings as he would any other mammal. In mammals if the male and female of the species are the same size then they mate for life: they're monogamous. When the female is larger she is polyandrous meaning she mates with more than one male during a breeding season. If the male is larger then he's a polygamist and needs that size to defend a harem of females.

Let me digress a little. You know that Tarzan is the king of the jungle. In your country who is considered the king of beasts?
In most countries the answer is the lion. Now here is the good part, ask your students why? Their answers are interesting. They'll say it is
because of his mane. So he's the king because of a hairdo? Or the lion is the strongest. The Romans tested this theory in the
Coliseum: the lion did well against Christians but it took half a dozen or more to down an elephant and I'm not going to mention
rhinos. An adult girraffe usually broke the lion's jaw. so it is not because he is powerful.

European explorers came accross the African lion and named him the king long before Elvis because he:

a. mantains a "pride" of six or so females
b. does not hunt the "girls" do.
c. sleeps a lot
d. has sex around twelve times a day = the king!

To maintain this harem against other males he is twice as big as the average female. This weight to female ratio also holds true among the gorrillas. The male is twice as large and has on average 6 females.

Now Mr Morris knew that the average man is not twice as big as the average woman but only a third larger
therefore he multiplied 6 by one third and came out with the answer that men needed the extra size to protect their two women. Simple math;-)).

3. In the American Judicial System the majority of the murder case among couples
is where: women murder their boyfriends or spouses

True. To be fair to the girls, men are unlikely to stick around to wait for the police. They seem to suicide afterwards
murdering their loved ones or shoot it out with the cops. In many of the murder trials the woman in question states that she was beaten and that it was self defense. So in the case of a woman there may be more often a murder trial. This does not change the fact that there appears to be a sexual difference between murderers and murderesses. Men especially male serial killers are likely to kill complete strangers and not people they know. Look at Jack the Ripper or even the Washington Sniper: these people are hard to catch for the police because there are few links between predator and prey. Female serial killers, on the other hand, murder people that they know intimately: husbands, children, patients, etc. Fellows... perhaps it is not the weaker sex but the Deadlier Sex.

4. In an article in New Scientist, Peter Aldhous quotes studies in human populations
where it is suggested that: the paternity of ten percent of the children in our society is not that of the man who thinks he is the father (i.e. the husband of the mother).

Gulp, how many students are in the room with you, More than ten? Then chances are that there is at minimium one...
Lads, women have one advantage over us in that they always know that their children are theirs. This not the first
time that it has been noted that women may stray. In the 1930s the US government was worried about war. The
blood types O, A, B had recently been discovered and the Americans wanted to put in place a nation blood bank.
They began testing the population thinking that in the event of a catastrophe it would be good to know everyone's blood type.
About 15% of the couples had children that were incompatible with the blood types of the parents. It went like this:
John the father: type A, Mary the mother: type O and little Billy: type B. Oops, the government discontinued the program.
Fifteen percent? Back in those days divorce was out of the question so that my explain why ther was such a high rate.

5. According to one opinion poll in Esquire Magazine: a man when he sees
a woman smile at him thinks: that she wants to make love to him

Something like ninty five percent of the Esquire readership stated that while it might not be obvious, sure in the
back of their minds the men admitted when they saw a woman smiling at them they thought: "Yeah she wants me".
What is even more surprising is that a large percentage of the readers of Esquire are gay and they must have answered in
the same manner.
This may be why when meeting someone of the opposite sex for the first time, women are generally not as openly friendly as the men are.

6. The rock star Grace Slick (lead singer of Jefferson Starship) once said: the only way to really get to know another woman well is to have shared a man in common.

I believe that this is a sexual difference between men and women. I can't remember ever thinking or hearing any other man say
that the best way to really cement a friendship is to have bedded the same woman. Of course I could be just out of step or an old fogy. Madonna has also been reported to have said the same thing so maybe it's just between rockstars.

7. Geoffrey Miller at the Max Planck Institute in Munich believes: all of those things and more. He has come up with some very intriguing theories.

Creative displays; such as acting, painting sculpting are simply ways to obtain sexual favors. Yes, even graffitti which is done by young boys approaching manhood is considered as a way of marking sexual territory. How about it girls... does the thought of connecting with a prolific tagger interest you? 8:-)--<

The cave paintings in France were done as a way to seduce woman: you know "Me great artist show you painting in cave?
Well, finally, maybe men have not evolved that much after all.

Men produce art for the general public while women produce art for their loved ones : This seems to make sense especially if you look at recent artists like Piccasso and Andy Warhol. I believe Grandma Moses started doing her painting to amuse people she knew. It also explains why women artists in fields like crafts get such little publicity. They are making gifts and not displays and thus don't lend themselves to fame.

8. Matthew Groger at the University of Idaho, Moscow studies: fish that change their sex frequently.

His fish start out female and when a dominant male is not present the alpha female becomes male. It makes you wonder about all the different ways of determining sex. Turtles, as you probably know, develop into either male or female according to the temperature when they were in their egg. Some snakes don't even have males but the like to engage in a lot of foreplay anyway.
Go figure!

9. Women's Facial language: they open their jaws more when talking, like to look you in the eye during positive moments, and smile and nod their head when listening.

Women also are more likely to have breathier voices. Think of Marilyn Monroe. And when the female of our species get angry they are unlikely to increase the volume. Women use change in frequency or pitch to denote that they're mad. This allows them to say during an arguement that "at least I didn't raise MY voice." (There is a pitch change on 'MY')

Men love to use loudness for emphasis! (swearing is okay too) This means that they may or may not even be angry when they are shouting at you:-))
They also have a habit of interupting or frowning while looking off into space when you are talking to them.

My expert on men and women and how they communicate is Liliane Glass, see if you can get a copy of her book: " He Said She Said."

10. All women wheither they are young girls or married and with children when looking at a picture of a pretty baby, their eye pupils will dilate greatly (become a lot larger). What happens to the pupils of men who have never had children of their own when they look at the same photo?

They shrink as if trying desperately to avoid looking at something that disgusts them.

Don't lose hope, ladies! This just means that loving children is not hardwired in young men. Men who have had their own children show almost as great enlargement of their pupils as woman. They simply have to be taught or have to bond with their offspring. Yes, gals when you make your husband change the diapers or feed the baby you are doing them a favor. This allows them to be closer to their kids later. (I feel like a traitor to my sex.)
I do remember when I was eighteen my eyes would dilate for pictures in playboy quite often but when my girlfriend would be gushing about some baby photo
, ah, I did my best to fake my interest in the little tyke. At the time I thought that kids were these little short people that would be in house with my future spouse and I and that it was somehow obligatory.
Guys if you haven't yet had the pleasure of having children, trust me on this: babies, kids, etc.: they are totally cool. Plus you don't have to give up playing because you have children. It's the opposite, my wife never complains when I play computer games with my daughter. I only wish my Dad had explained to me how much fun children are. But then I probably would have had at least ten out of wedlock.

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