Boys & Girls  

(This is conversation is entirely fictional. Any resemblence to real people is totally accidental.)

Fill in the blanks or choose the correct form of the word to complete the sentence.

Olivier : I am happy I am not a woman.
Francine : Why ?
Olivier : Men are ________ women !
Francine :  I donít see how that can be true.  You are ________________ Iíve ever met.

Olivier :  Donít be silly, men are _______________ women.

They are ___(Logical)___ and even _______________  cooks than women.

Francine : Your ideas are  _________________ old fashioned. I think that women are _____clever_______ . They are also _____(sensible)___ and  ___ (practical)__.   Men are ___________ drivers because women are much _______(patient)___.

Olivier :  Driving ? Hah ! Men are ___atheletic  Thus...

Francine : Oh can we talk about something else ? This is _____________ ridiculous conversation that Iíve ever had.

Ten Years Earlier in the Playground

Olivier :  I bet you wish you were a boy.
Francine :  No way Jose.
Olivier : Why not ?
Francine :  Because weíre __(pretty)___.
Olivier :  I donít want to be pretty. Besides girls donít get to play games.

Francine :  We do too play games ! And our games are not _______________
yours. Atleast, we donít carry sticks around pretending weíre in the army.

Olivier :  Any way, Boys are ___(strong)_____ and our toys are not all colored pink.
Francine :  No, theyíre all yucky colored. Moreover, girls are  ___(agile)__ boys.
Olivier :  Are not !
Francine : Okay, letís play jumprope.

Okay now write your own dialog at the playground. Create as many charactors as you want.
Try to think about the things that were important to you when you were a child.