A Learning Experience from Summer Stock

       I remember well my first few professional lessons in acting. By the way, they never were many.
It was a wonderful time. I was at Priscella Beach Theater in Plymouth Massachusetts. We did shows on the weekend and during the week: we painted sets, learned how to put on makeup, sew costumes, etc.
(All the fun stuff)
At night we often had acting lessons. The resident director/actor, who was our guide to this new world of
theater, would often tell us stories of what he had experienced both on and off Broadway.
He tried with limited success to make us into what he thought a troupe of professional actors should be.
(Ah this was the big time.)
One night, our acting mentor chose me to take part in an exercise where I had to
pretend that I was madly in love with a girl. He paired me up with young woman, who was, to this day
the most beautiful girl that I have ever been in the same room with. In the dictionary if you look up drop dead gorgeous you will see her picture.  Imagine my joy. I could not restrain myself: I exclaimed:
"This is ACTING?"
Then our instructor, without missing a beat said:
"It IS for her."

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