Written By:  Washington Irving  (1820)
1. What was Icabod Crane's profession?

2. What do the phrases "the appalling sound of the birch" &" Spare the rod and
spoil the child "mean in the story ?

3. Where did Icabod sleep or where was he boarded?

4. Icabod was described as inferior in learning only to the
       a. Sheriff    b. Parson  c. Mistress  d. Mayor

5. Who did Icabod like to hang out with or keep company with?

6. What do you think "the comforts of the cupboard " meant?

7. Who was Icabod's rival?
     a. Brom Van Brunt   b. Baltus Van Tassel   c. Diedrich Knickerbocker
     d. Hans Van Ripper

8. What did Icabod like to do?

9. Who was Sleepy Hollow's favorite spectre?

10. List at least five food items mentioned in the story.

11. List at least five animals mentioned in the story.

12. What happened to Icabod at the end of this tale?