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The Sex Quiz For Dummies Teacher's Notes

"As you know, birds do not have sexual organs because they would interfere with flight. [In fact, this was the big breakthrough for the Wright Brothers. They were watching birds one day, trying to figure out how to get their crude machine to fly, when suddenly it dawned on Wilbur. "Orville," he said, "all we have to do is remove the sexual organs!" You should have seen their original design.] As a result, birds are very, very difficult to arouse sexually. You almost never see an aroused bird. So when they want to reproduce, birds fly up and stand on telephone lines, where they monitor telephone conversations with their feet. When they find a conversation in which people are talking dirty, they grip the line very tightly until they are both highly aroused, at which point the female gets pregnant. "

Dave Barry

Teachers while you can bring your class to the sex quiz for dummies on line via
google altavista yahoo alltheweb etc. and have your students type "Sex Quiz Dummies" the first result will be this quiz.
But, I find that printing the quiz and then correcting it together is a lot more fun. But to do that you'll need more information. So go to the answer key and prepare yourself to answer your student's questions.

Before or after taking the quiz I find this group work to be a great deal of fun:

Separate the boys from the girls, or the men from the women and then divide them into groups of two to four individuals.Try to give each group a different task. For example tell one group that because of your vast knowledge of the opposite sex you are to fill out a diagram of the brain of a woman/man. It often helps if you give them either dog's brain or cat's brains as specimens.
Another group can draw a map of a woman/man's brain as if it were a village or ammusement park. The river of beer is very popular in "Man Metropolis" as is "The Shopping Ride" in the Pollypocket/Barbie Park. Usually the men like to write a program or design the perfect woman: "limit of ten minutes in front of the mirror" "Include extra large resevoir so that model does not need to pee every three minutes". Ladies like the idea of creating a recipe for the making the perfect man as well as comparing that to the same recipe for the average man. (please send me other examples of things they can do in this theme, tnx)
When it is finished and the laughter has subsided it is a good idea to talk about the exercise.

What did you find was too stereotypical? Was there things that men or women wanted from you that you did not know before?
Did we leave anything out? What would you have changed in the other's work?

Some other questions:

What toys did you like to play with when you were young? Did you have a favorite? What did you do with these toys? How did you play with them? (go around the room, ask more than one student)

In your opinion who has it easier in life men or women? Why? Can you give some examples where the opposite is true?

What subjects do you like to talk about?

Since these topics have usually been mentioned:

How do you feel about : video games, shopping, etc.


Related web activities:
Some say that our brains are our greatest erogenous zone. I likeseveral sites on this subject:

Brainsex at the Times which does look at some other parameters.

What sex is your brain? Do you think like a boy or a girl? Take this test and see! at the BBC and provided by the Museum of Science in London. 
This is fun and taking your students here will show off your world wide web savoir-faire. However there is not a lot of time to think when solving these problems and there is not a lot of questions.
For a more extensive look at sexual brainiacs see the BBC's SexID.

There is the Homer Simpson view on dimorphic differences 


We all use both hemispheres of our brains to some degree, but in most people one side dominates find out which one at
Mindmedia's Brainworks This site gives a rather detailed answer to this question and can be used as a starting point for more in depth self examination. Remember for most students the hardest question of all is:
"Who are you?"

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