Transformations and the Like
It's Just Biological
You are a research biologist, who borders on genius. Your personal life is in the pits
of doom. You've recently been divorced for the third time. You don't understand
the opposite sex. What they are interested in simply leaves you cold. You
desperately wish to understand them. You've come up with a wacky solution,
you are going to transform yourself into the opposing sex in order to better
understand them. You have developed the formula...all you have to do is drink it.

Tax Time:
You and your roommate have had a series of jobs, you have succeeded at none
of them. A few months back you decided to pretend that you were married.
(maybe with kids) to save money on your taxes. Recently, you have gotten
great jobs with a bank or an IT firm or something like that. Your lives are
finally going well when you receive a letter from the Department of Revenue:
There will be an inspector coming to visit you to go over your
taxes. One of you will have to pretend that he is the wife or that
she is the husband. Just think of what will happen when your girlfriend/boyfriend
drops in to visit, or your parents.

Does Bond Have to Do This Sort of Thing?
An espionage agency has newly invented a machine that can transfer intact mind and personalities from one person to another. Your mission is to test this machine on the most different people
imaginable. You must find these victims... I mean courageous volunteers for this glorious experiment. Who is the most unalike couple and how will you convince them to be test subjects?

The Internet and You
Roberta is tired of all the sexism an machismo on the web. she decides to sign in simply as Bob.
She talks to a "Peter" on the net and  they become good friends. Do they meet in person?
Is there a difference in the way men communicate with men and how they communicate with women and of course vice versa. Is Peter bothered by the intimate conversations he's been having
with Bob?

Time Travel:
You and your  scientific team have just constructed the world's first fully operating time machine.
You have decided to voyage into the past or the future to find the perfect husband or wife.
Imagine how things have changed or will change. Maybe nothing changed?
Can you find the man or woman of your dreams by traveling through time?

The Great Debate
It's the event of the year; a televised debate between Adam and Eve! Just think of all the
topics on the agenda. Who's fault was it really? What's all this stuff about a rib?
Many historical or biblical characters could round out the panel. Who's the moderator?

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