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 How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?
Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titllaadus
(Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon)
1. Muggles are or is
A. A form of hobgoblin like Shakespeare's Puck B. Haunches on a unicorn C. Manticores
D. Ordinary People E. James Potter's nickname

2. Harry Potter lives with the Dursley family at 4 Privet Dr. where he sleeps in 
A. the attic B. a cupboard under the stairs C. the garage D. a doghouse in their backyard
E. a magic wine cellar

3.  Hermione Granger
A. peruses tomes voraciously B. diets constantly C. hates to read D. can turn herself into a cat
E. has glow-in-the-dark hair

4. Hogwarts is 
A. a summer camp for truant boys and girls B. an enchanted supermart C. a school for wizards
D. a prep school for Durmstrang E. the Unseen University or U. of U.

5. Ron (the redhead in the picture above) has a pet
A. White Owl named "Hedwig" B. Rat called "Scabbers" C. Toad answering to the name of "Trevor"
D. Dragon with the moniker: "Norbert" E. Snake called "Draco"

6. Harry, Ron, Herimone & and the other students all take flying lessons from
A. Dumbledore B. Severus Snape C. Minerva McGonagall D. Lord Voldemort
E. Madame Hooch

7. Which of these is not a symbol of the four houses at Hogwarts ( Can you name these houses?)
A. Griffin B. Snake C. Bird D. Otter E. Badger

8. Hagrid named his dog (which strongly resembles Cerberus: who guards the gates of Hell)
A. Rover B. Pixie C. Spots D. Fawkes E. Fluffy

9. The Nimbus 2000 is a
A. Broomstick B. Cleaner C. Airbus vehicle  D. Minesweeper E. Computer Virus

10. The Hogwart Express leaves from
A. Piccadilly Circus B. Track 29 C. Charles de Gaulle D. track 9&3/4 E. East Farthing

 Bonus question: Was there really a astrologer/alchemist named Nicolas Flamel, who lived 600 years ago and claimed to
have found the philosopher's Stone? Click on his name to find out.

Suggested reading for those who like magical creatures: Why don't you check out the Charles Dickens story The Goblins Who Stole a Sexton

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