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Chapter 3: Letters from No One Questions

1. At the beginning of chapter three, where is Harry?

2.Why didn't Harry wait around for Dudley to figure out what he had said about the toilet?

3.The Smeltings Boys all have knobly sticks, what are they to be used for?

4.What was Aunt Petunia doing with some of Dudley's old clothes?

5. Why had Harry NEVER gotten rude letters from the Library asking him to return books?

6.After confiscating Harry's first letter, what is Uncle Vernon's declared strategy,

7.What amazing thing does Uncle Vernon announce to Harry while inside the cupboard?

8.Please describe Dudley's toys.

9.What did Harry step on early one morning?

10.Uncle Vernon tried to pound in a nail with what surprising item?

11. Sunday morning Uncle Vernon is very happy, why?

12. Where are Harry and the Dursley Family on the eve of Harry's birthday?

If these questions seem to have a theme what do you think it is? In other words do you think these questions seem to illustrate something?