Chapter 4: Keeper of the Keys Questions

1. Right after he "opened the door the VLM (very large man) asked the Dursleys and Harry for what?

2. Did this giant man mistake Dudley for Harry Potter?

3.What is Rubeus Hagrid's title or job at Hogwarts?

4. Name some of the things Hagrid has in his pockets or what does he do with them when he takes them out?

5. Why did Hagrid get angry at Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon ?

6.  Hagrid enlightens  Harry on a great many issues (explains). What are some of the more surprising things from Harry's point of view?

7. What is the address written on the envelope that Hagrid gives to Harry? You don't have to remember the exact address just describe it.

8. Hagrid quickly sends an Owl Mail to Dumbledore. Where did he find the owl?

9. Do you think that Uncle Vernon was brave when  he stood up to Hagrid?

10. How did Aunt Petunia describe her late sister Lily (Harry Potter's mother)?

11.  Hagrid is forced to say you-know-who's name out loud, why?

12. For what reason did Hagrid give Dudley Dursley a pigs tail?

13. What happened to the birthday cake Hagrid brought Harry?

Obviously if you have seen the movie and read the book you must have noticed that some of these questions underline the differences between the two versions. Can you list all of the differences. Why change the chronicle from the book? How come movies seem to always alter the story from the book and give examples to illustrate if you can. Which do you think is the better account and why?

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