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Harry Cards

Printable Suits (total 64 cards)
Interactive Suits

(Hint: It may be easier to print all of the cards if you set the printer for "landscape" instead of "portrait".)

Critical and Indispensable Rules

Actually you make them up! It is much more fun that way. Okay I'll give you some suggestions of how I
torture my victims,... I mean students. First: each card has a who or what category. This is the central feature.
All the other words on the cards are hints or characteristics of that person or thing. So you can set the whole class
on, for instance, say: fortune telling. Create a meaning for when you have an upside-down Hagrid, then a Draco, plus a Hogwarts Express. Get the entire class to write the definitive Sibyll Trelawney Divination Book. Each card has
some facet of the future attached to it. Loads of fun and they really like to do it.

Tearing or Origami Paper: I give the student a blank piece of and they have to tear or fold the paper in such a way that their team or partner guesses the word. When I'm feeling really mean I do the same thing with modeling clay.

Draw it: (a classic) get them to go up to the blackboard or whiteboard and sketch away till their team says the right word. This is usually very noisy and is a great way to annoy Math teachers.

Charades: need I say more?

Sounds and Gestures: This is a variation of Charades where no words are allowed but lots of strange sounds and odd movements are encouraged. This has been known to completely alienate school directors. Use it if you're quitting teaching or have found a better job elsewhere.

Hints: The object is to give a one word tip to determine the who or what category. You can stick to just the other words on that same card or let the students make up their own. This is usually done with two teams going at the same time and points are higher for the least clues given. If the class is not chaotic enough have two or more separate games going on at the same time.

Wizard's Poker: Hey there's sixteen cards to a suit. That must make some interesting wild cards or rules.

The Inquisition: The student has to form questions to make his or her group guess the word. Example: Levitate
Question: "What does a hot air balloon do?" Or Sirus Black; "Who is Harry's Godfather?" This works well with weaker groups and helps them form questions correctly. Besides, It gives you something to do.

Let me know if think up some other ways. You might checkout Sci-Fi Charades which is the basis for this game.

Now remember this site is for English Teachers especially English as a Second Language or Teachers in K12 who would like to use the Wizarding World to teach Reading. SO... if you know a Quasi-Muggle like THAT, take them here, ah, please.


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