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Kahula Web Tools: Service Manual

The Kahula Web Tools page should reveal the hidden secrets of websites: your own or others. A real cognitive artifact. While simple in concept the Kahula project allows you to group divergent websites together and pilot them from one page.

Please mail me any tools you think should be added to the page. This silly javascript can of course be freely reproduced, distributed and modified (add other search sites, add new features, and keep the links up to date). It copies very well onto a floppy disk or diskette.

Here is a small explanation of how the kahula process works.
Raphael,Heiss Ltd : Quality hand made HTML since 1995

Troubleshooting & FAQ:

1. I don't see anything happening? Make sure your browser has enabled javascript to run.

2. Only one window opens? Toolbars like google's often come with popup blockers. Try holding
down the control key while you activate Webtools or the Wordelizer.

3. Some sites can not handle special characters like the "~" replace this one with %7E.
Look at the sample to see other examples.

Stephanie West Allen suggested the validator which will analyse some your coding automatically. (They seem very interested that you write your code for the new versions of html). She's at Allen and Nichols Productions.

In the same vein here is another way to analyze automatically your page:

Overture Search Term Suggestion Tools:

Choosing proper keywords can be difficult. Having the vocabulary of your subject matter can help classify your page although keywords are not as popular as they once were.


& google's adwords and suggestiions:

How did you do that with those search engines?
Some google tricks: (which may or maynot work with other search engines):
Who links: type "link:" before the address (url) that you search in google.
Similar sites: type "related:"before the address (url) that you search in google.
Definitions: type "define:" before the word you search in google
To search on a website: site:+ the domain name + the keywords example to search our school for chris type: "site:www.emse.fr chris"

Nobody links to my page? Not even your other pages? That's bad. Hey you can always try Kahula Deeplinks to check further.

How can I get search engines to notice me? Most search engines do a pretty good job of crawling around the web
but it can't hurt to hand submit to search engines and directories:
google yahoo dmoz scrubtheweb microsoftor you can do it with 7 at a time at: http://www.submitexpress.com/they claim 40 but a lot of the links are defunct.

Another way to get good press is to write it! I know it sounds silly but there are many sites that allow you to write a press release. Here are several
- http://www.prweb.com [this one has been around for several years]
- http://www.prbot.com
- http://www.openpress.com
- http://www.express-press-release.com
- http://www.free-press-release.com
- http://www.prleap.com
- http://www.prfree.com

Or these sites like to post educational links:

Hmpages and Schools bravenet
Randomlink database

Awol link machine will add a link instantly to your site:

Here's a list of sites that cater to the ESL EFL TESOL (English as a second language)and allow you to easily add urls:
ESL Site directory
esl abroad games & lessons

Finding websites in your fieldt to add your link
An simple way to make your own link list is to search for a theme let's say SCIENCE.
Go to google and type: "add url science education" or "suggest a link + scientific"
pretty soon you'll have quite a group of sites that are interested in your subject
and permit you to upload links to your pages.

Search here for directories that link: http://www.isedb.com/html/Web_Directories/

What is Prog? Good question. It is really an illustration of all the things that google offers including google's pagerank. Go there
it's worth a peek.
Google hacks and Pos google
Optimize your web pages with SiteReportCard!
Find Broken Links
Check Spelling
Check Meta Tags
Validate HTML
Check Load Time
Link Popularity

What is google's page rank? How can I find out what my pagerank is?
Everyone who has a website should install googles' toolbar. First if you click on page rank the toolbar will give you a page score
of the page that you are on. See illustration below:

So kahula webtools has a page rank of only 2/10.
You can learn even more by clicking on the info icon

Which will display the back link function:

Choosing back links will show you the incoming links to your site on which Google bases some of its ranking.

Site by site explanation:

FBS FreeWebSubmission Link Popularity Tool : tells you how many pages link to your site. Up to three urls can be compared
at a time.

WMTK Webmaster's Toolkit's link popularity checker. same as above but simpler.

Alexa Amazon evaluates websites and web traffic to them. Just like books you can see similar sites, write reviews, really the
future of site evaluation.

Metatags Scub the Web's Meta Tag Analyzer. Good for checking your meta tag syntax.

Keyword Survey (for the pros) tells you how many times a word appears on your page.

Keyword Ranking compares your site with a keyword or key phrases to see how you rank in several search engines.