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Wordelizer Service Manual


1. I don't see anything happening? Make sure your browser has enabled javascript to run.

2. Only one window opens? Toolbars like google's often come with popup blockers. Try holding
down the control key while you activate the Wordelizer.

3.How did you do that with google? Easy type "define:" before the word you search in google.
some other google tricks:
Who links: type "link:" before the address (url) that you search in google.
Similar sites: type "related:" before the address (url) that you search in google
To search on a website: site:+ the domain name + the keywords example to search our school for chris type: "site:www.emse.fr chris"

4. What's in a name? In franglais = word+bordel+analyzer

Remember feedback is welcome: yuknachris@yahoo.com

also rans and fun places to go:

nasa thesaurus: you have to print it

The cook's thesaurus: looked like fun

mythic encyclopedia

periodic table of the elements

3D dictionaries:

Free On Line Dictionary of Computing