The X Files
The case of the invisible creature.

Scully and Muldar have discovered and entered a mad scientist's lab. Something has just escaped from its cage. You must interview the witnesses. None of the people you are about to interview were able to actually see the creature. Apparently it is invisible  or some how blocks the  human visual system: You are used to dealing with odd situations, you should feel right at home.

Now go and interview the eyewitnesses.

Gee, I am so sorry. See I am the cleaning lady/sanitary engineer. I swear to God that the cage was empty when I went in to clean. Next thing I know I am knocked down and on the floor and alarms are sounding.

This thing was sharp, It felt very hard like wood or perhaps even stone. It was  a cane or tube and  like I said it was pointed at the end. It was curved too. It was very dangerous I could have been skewered. You need to call in the national guard, this alien could kill a lot of people if it is not stopped. I was just lucky to escape with my life.

This creature was tubular, like a flexible fire hose. A little like a tentacle. Very  strong, I was sure that it could have picked me up and thrown me. As if it was made out of ropey muscles. One weird thing, there was an odor of peanut butter, of course that could have been nothing.

This was some kind of plant. hard yet pliant bark, about the size of an average tree trunk. I leaned up against it while I was reading a book. Between one and two feet  in diameter. I felt some bumps that must have roots at the bottom. Very pleasant  I have no idea why everyone is so worked up. It was funny though, I left for a moments and when I returned there was nothing there. Bizarre.

The leviathan was huge, maybe two stories high and round, spherical. It was massive, when the thing bumped into me I was thrown two or three meters away. This monstrosity  had a rubbery surface and smelled kind of musky.

The critter was about head high and was a little whip-like thingy. felt like a small rope with some hair on the end, somewhat like a little feather duster only it had hair instead of feathers.  Hit me right in the face! The little beasties was like nothing very strong or frightening, I have no idea what's wrong with the others, they must have panicked. Okay it was odd that I could not look at it.  Oh, one more thing, I didn't like its smell but I can't tell you exactly what was wrong with it, just that it was unpleasant "animally".

I didn't see anything, but I heard  the fiend flap next to me. I did managed to touch it, felt like what I imagine a manta ray might feel like except  very thin, maybe a little thicker than cardboard but not much. I think it had a triangular wing shape but I can't be positive. I don't know how well it can fly but the varmint was definitely off the ground. Good luck in catching a flying invisible bird-like creature.

I didn't see or hear anything. But I live less than a mile from the Lab. In my backyard I found some really strange tracks. The traces seem to indicate a very large behemoth. The footprints look like nothing I have ever seen. Four footed with "paw prints" the size and shape of very large dinner plates: round circles with knobby things on one side. I couldn't really tell it was kinda muddy. But the prints sunk in deep!

I am a guard at the gate. I "saw" something invisible come out of the labs at high speed. There is so much secret stuff in there. They never tell me anything. A guy could get killed from such an abomination. Anyway It smashed through the gate like it was paper. Be careful, this titanic quadruped could get ya killed.

You're FBI right? Get out your SWAT team.You have to stop this menace! Your monster destroyed my garden in the space of a few minutes! It ate my zucchinis and pumpkins and squashed my corn. I have no more tulips! What kind of beast would eat tulips?  The horticultural society will hear about this!

I saw nothing but I felt this THING go by. I know it made some deep throbbing noises, but to tell you the truth I didn't hear them as much as felt them.

Sweet Jesus, I was just walking by the small fountain in the park. You aren't going to believe me but I swear that I saw the water level go down. Then, oh God, I got hosed down. I was suddenly knocked on my butt and soaking wet. I have never been more scared in my life!

You are a member of FBI's finest what will you going to do next?